10+ Times Talk Show Hosts Made Things Really Awkward With Celebs

Awkward talk show moments will live infamy.

We see them when we close our eyes to go to sleep, so imagine how the celebs who lived through them feel. Awkward!

From inappropriate flirting to bringing up sensitive topics to making fun of their guests, here are 10+ times talk show hosts made things really awkward with celebs.

1. When Ellen DeGeneres made Nicole Kidman relive her awkward clapping moment.

It's bad enough that her clapping went viral at the Oscars without Ellen showing the clip again.

"Okay, can you get that off?" Nicole said while laughing awkwardly.

2. When Graham Norton brought up Cara Delevingne and her experience with the mile-high club.

It's awkward enough to bring up someone's sexual history on live television, but the model pointed out something very cringe: "my dad's in the audience." Despite this, he kept asking.

3. When Tyra Banks asked Robert Pattinson to bite her.

Before she took on hosting duties for Dancing With the Stars, the model had her own talk show.

She did a lot of cringe-worthy stuff on there, like faking a British accent in front of the Twilight star and asking him to bite her.

4. When Jay Leno kept hitting on Judith Light.

He began by bringing up a movie where she was nude, saying that he "freeze-framed" that scene.

He then pulled her close when they were embracing and unbuttoned her shirt. Um, WTF?

5. When Ellen DeGeneres told a lie about Dakota Johnson right in front of her face.

When Ellen tried to say that Dakota never invited her to her birthday party, Dakota schooled the host on her own TV show by saying that that wasn't true.

Catching Ellen in a lie was awkward but oh, so satisfying.

6. When the hosts at CBS Sacramento called out Cara Delevingne for looking tired.

Since the model didn't seem too enthusiastic while promoting her movie, Paper Towns, they said, "You do seem a bit irritated," said one of the hosts. "Perhaps, it's just us."

7. When David Letterman kept asking Angelina Jolie invasive questions.

The actress looked progressively more uncomfortable as the host asked her things like whether she cooks and the men she's dated.

He also commented on her smelling nice, saying, "I appreciate that."

8. When Jimmy Fallon realized that he blew his chances with Nicole Kidman.

While on his show, the actress recalled how she went over to his house many years ago, thinking it was sort of a date. Thing is, Jimmy had no clue that she liked him!

Cue a shocked Fallon and an embarrassed Kidman.

9. When Whoopi Goldberg farted in front of Claire Danes.

Talk about a whoopie cushion.

We get needing to pass gas from time to time, but there's certainly a time and place for that (preferably when you're alone). "I just blew a little frog out there," she said.

10. When Ellen DeGeneres forgot that Katy Perry was married to Russell Brand.

During a game titled "Will You Perry Me?" Katy had to decide which celebs were more attractive.

She asked "Do I have to get married again?" to which Ellen responded, "You were not married."

There was an awkward silence before Katy had to correct her.

11. When Lady Gaga had to endure this awkward interview with Ryan Seacrest.

Fans really felt for Gaga who had to deal with Ryan constantly shoving a microphone in her face without even asking a question.

At one point, Gaga even called Ryan out on it! After mimicking him, she said, "You're like answer my question, but I'm not asking one."

12. When Matt Lauer asked Tom Cruise about his criticism of Brooke Shields' use of antidepressants.

Now, Matt had no idea that Tom was going to cruise out of control.

But that he did, calling the host a "glib" and saying, "You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do."

13. When Conan O'Brien schooled Jennifer Garner.

This awkward moment snuck up on her.

When she insisted that "snuck" wasn't a word, the host proceeded to pull out a dictionary and prove to everyone that she was wrong.

14. When Jimmy Kimmel made fun of Joaquin Phoenix's dancing.

Pheonix had surprised Jimmy and the audience when he revealed that he grew up dancing (he has a wicked dancing scene in the movie).

His favorite? Breakdancing.

But when Joaquin says that he prefers to dance alone as a form of personal expression, the host took a crack at him.

Jimmy joked about Joaquin breakdancing alone in his room with a piece of cardboard.

This caused the actor to look super uncomfortable.

15. When Stephen Colbert adjusted Kristen Stewart's necklace without asking first.

He did so since it was causing technical difficulties with her mic, but the moment was super cringe.

Couldn't he have asked her to adjust it herself?

16. When Jimmy Fallon kept interrupting Dakota Johnson.

It's a pretty known fact that Jimmy isn't the best interviewer... So, of course, the one person to call him out would be Dakota.

"Aren't you supposed to let people talk on this show?" she said.

17. When Megyn Kelly asked Jane Fonda about her plastic surgery.

This is a major no-no! And she did this while the Grace & Frankie actor was there to promote one of her new movies with co-star, Robert Redford.

Jane looked appalled as she tried to awkwardly steer the attention back to her movie.

18. When Ellen DeGeneres constantly made fun of Sofia Vergara's accent.

This is never okay. The host kept making fun of the star's accent and even had her pronounce English words in hopes that she'd trip up for a laugh.