17+ Times People Got Creative In Some Genius Ways

Creative passions and hobbies can really elevate one's quality of life. Bringing one's designs to life is incredibly fulfilling, and it can be seen from small, personal artworks, to modern large-scale designs.

In this list, we celebrate the ways in which people expressed their creativity. Not all of them are good but they are all creative!

"Double Decker Bike."

How do you even get up there? How do you stop? Why would you want this for yourself?

"Minimalist Uno."

So you can play card games while still feeling like a refined adult about it. Pop open a bottle of wine to complete the ambiance.

"The fire truck in the model train exhibit at my local museum is taking water from the 'river.'"

Duh, if there's not a fire hydrant nearby, where else would it take water from?

"I made a sideways pencil to mark something in an area I could not reach."

I've spent a long time trying to imagine what this person could be building that calls for this and every answer scares me.

"This parking garage is using animals like this turtle instead of letters and numbers for different sections."

This is genius, I'm way more likely to remember a turtle than I am the number six.

"This bit holder."

Good news for anyone who owns a 3D printer, you can print one of these yourself if it's something you actually want in your home.

"This keyboard has a 'Please' key instead of 'Enter.'"

Nothing wrong with a keyboard just being polite. Or maybe it's asking people to not slam on its keys so hard.

"The local kindergarten has a [life-size] Toothless."

What fancy area do you live in that has something like this? It's so cool and the kids probably adore it.

"Weird cardboard at the envelope plant I work at."

Weird, maybe, but it has a pretty strong message that I can get behind.

"Mixed Drink Dispenser."

You'll get your drink but it's definitely going to taste more like metal than whatever concoction you were hoping for.

"I learned how to make bugs out of grounding wire."

You've also learned the perfect way to frighten everyone in your life. A carefully placed bug, no matter how fake-looking, can get anyone to jump.

"No words except [why]?"

This is only acceptable if that truck belongs to a plumber. Otherwise, it's just a weird way to never forget which truck is yours.

"Using a slightly flexible tube to not waste pencils."

This is the recycling hero our world needs. Tiny innovations to waste less that are creative and smart!

"Locals in Puerto Rico painted this mural. They made sure to include the dog that chills there often."

He's an important part of the community, a local icon! It'd be a crime not to include him.

"The clicky top of my pen got snapped off, so I replaced it with a screw. It works great and now I always know which pen is mine!"

Yeah. Yeah, alright. It had its issues but if it works and kept you from throwing a pen out, who am I to judge?

"This hotel I stayed at has a billiards room through a secret door behind this bookshelf."

Why don't more hotels do this? It's a surefire way to make sure guests will never forget their stay!

"My neighbors decorated their plant to look like Exeggutor."

This is probably as close as we're going to get to Pokémon being real and I have to be okay with that.

"My new cat tower came with instructions to turn the shipping box into a play house."

So your cat got two new structures and you only had to pay for one! Sounds like a deal for everyone involved.

"This katana as a gear shift."

A perfect way to make you feel more dangerous and badass while driving while not actually increasing any danger.

"My park installed outdoor workout equipment facing the playground."

Great in theory, but kids are brutally honest. I don't need their commentary on my workout.