16+ Times People Noticed Something Special

Sometimes the world gives us a little gift in the form of seeing something spectacularly weird or generally unbelievable in our daily life.

From lightening strikes in the most amazing places to one of the weirdest, smallest, and most inappropriate book shops on the planet, here are 15+ times people noticed something special!

"Cat with a bowl cut!"

That cat actually has an expression that every person has when they get a haircut that they hate.

"Snowman Totoro."

I am always amazed when people can make snowmen that don't just look like depressing little grey gremlins. Christ I suck at making snowmen.

"It's the sexiest little library in town!"

Someone suggested that this is actually just full of religious pamphlets and this is a trap, which would be one hell of an interesting approach for the church to take.

"I think it's time to repot the cat."

Damn, this cat really needs a bigger pot, the roots are bursting out of the sides! It also looks pretty damn miserable about its current situation!

"This is the most perfect photo I took in 7 years as a cat owner."

Only a drunk person in McDonald's can manage to look at a burger with more longing than this cat.

"Someone has drawn cartoon faces on all the cars in this snowy lot."

This looks like someone was trying to make a Cars Holiday Special where all of the Cars get too drunk at the office Christmas party.

"My tuxedo cat Wednesday has white lines going down each leg. From underneath she looks skeletal."

I'm more impressed by the fact that your cat can obviously climb up glass like a spider! Although, if that is actually mesh, then this person is going to need to be replacing that screen before long!

"My local ice cream shop starts their year off solid."

Well, she'd been at a ball, so drinking and dancing can often lead to heels being fired off your feet. I'm speaking from experience here.

"I hate when that happens."

"Hey, Dave, can you help this customer out, I can't understand a word they're saying!"

"Steve, I think that they might be after the set of teeth we found."

"What makes you think that?"

"Well...they're missing their bottom teeth."

"I'm beginning to think we might have a mouse."

Either that or there is some loose fish under there. One other really helpful person also pointed out, "I don't know about mice but you definitely have cats."

"The dew forming on this trampoline is squared out by the fabric."

If I came across this I would like to think that I would preserve it, but I know that really I wouldn't be able to resist jumping on it immediately.

"This 'Mini' evolution I saw in London."

Quite admirable that they're still persevering with calling it a "Mini" despite all evidence being to the contrary.

"This sign cracks me up!"

They look really happy for someone who is doubtlessly about to have serious back issues! Hooray, physiotherapy!

"Raccoon just living in the moment, going for a joy ride, not a care in the world."

This is clearly the kind of the trash pandas, sat upon his throne. This must be like the racoon equivalent of seeing the Pope razzing around in his little Popemobile.

"This picture of a cloud I took that looks like a horse arm wrestling a beaver."

Okay, well now I cannot see anything other than that. What a delightful and needlessly specific thing to see in the clouds!

"This comically huge strawberry that I purchased from the grocery store today."

One amazingly cruel individual suggested that this person should, "Give it to a child that's never eaten or seen strawberries before. They will spend the rest of their life being disappointed by strawberries and eventually doubting whether they didn't just dream this."

"Live power line fell, it was so hot that it melted through the sidewalk and turned the sand underneath to glass."

While this is incredibly cool, I would just be glad that it didn't land on me. Call me crazy, but I don't think that I'd like to be turned into glass.

"One of our chickens just laid a jumbo egg with another egg inside."

I feel very sorry for the chicken that laid this egg. I wonder how common this is, I've never even heard of this happening before. Although, I spend very little time around chickens so that might have something to do with it.

"IKEA Snowmen."

If IKEA really are behind this, then you will still find that you are missing pieces when you get it home.

"Aftermath of golf course struck by lightning."

This is why you should never play golf with Thor, he really gets far too angry when it comes to his terrible short game.