Woman Discovers A Secret Apartment Behind Her Bathroom Mirror

We've all heard stories of people discovering secret passages or hidden rooms in their houses. I've even written about a few of those stories before. But have you ever heard of somebody finding a whole dang apartment behind their bathroom mirror? Oh, heck no!

I'm here to tell you that it's exactly what happened to this one woman and her series of TikTok videos might terrify you.

Samantha Hartsoe noticed something strange about her NYC apartment's bathroom.

Unsplash | Jonathan Riley

It was always cold in there. She even felt a cool breeze in the room. So she decided to investigate this matter further. What she realized next is even stranger than fiction.

Get this: The cold air was actually coming — from the bathroom mirror!

What? That's nothing to be concerned about, right? Or is it? I mean, it strikes me as pretty unusual, and I can't be the only one who thinks so.

So she took the mirror off the wall and what she found behind it is even more shocking.

OMG, there's a hole in the wall. WTF? At this point, I would like: I'm getting the hell out of here.

But no, this lady wanted to go INSIDE the hole!

You heard me right. She wanted to go inside the hole in the wall to see what was in there. Is it just me, or do you think she's crazy to want to do that, too?

So, she crawled inside that tiny space.

Don't ask me how she did it. She managed to squeeze herself in somehow. Ladies and gentlemen, don't try this at home should you find yourself in a similar situation. You never know what you might encounter.

What did she find when she got in there?

A whole other room. Not only that, but it's an entire empty apartment! Holy crap! I would be so freaked out right about now. Like how can that even happen? I don't understand.

The first question that would be on my mind would be, "Is somebody living there now?"

The thought of that is creeping me out even more. How did the landlord not tell her that there was an apartment behind her bathroom mirror?

When folks on TikTok saw this lady's series of videos, they all had lots of questions.

But most of them were horrified that she actually went inside the hole in the wall all by herself. I'm not that, brave I have to admit, ha, ha!

Can you believe this crazy discovery?

I mean, what would you think if it happened to you? I'm not going to lie — it would be quite unsettling for me. Like, is somebody living there or spying on me or something?

Since exploring the secret apartment, Samantha hasn't provided any other updates other than to say that she's "cementing" her bathroom mirror to the wall. That sounds like a good idea to me!