Bulldog's Unique Eyebrows Make Her The Gloomiest Looking Dog On The Internet

Both humans and animals have our defining features, but some definitely have qualities that are just a bit more standout than others.

This is especially true when it comes to this bulldog's full and brooding eyebrows that have the entire internet falling instantly head over heels in love.

But don't be fooled by her gloomy, forlorn expression. She's actually a very happy doggo.

We never thought the gloomy look could be so adorable.

Right out of the womb, this bulldog was fittingly named "Madame Eyebrows" for her iconic brow action that serves up a bit of sadness.

With that said, she's got an undeniable charm that's just so cute.

This pupper proves that sometimes it's fun to brood.

While her brow spots make her appear like she's more than just a tad over it all, she seems to actually really love being in the limelight.

Madame Eyebrows has over 130,000 followers on Instagram and her own thriving TikTok following. We'd say that her eyebrows aren't just a look, they're a lifestyle.

She's actually a truly joyful dog.

Her owner, Janina has assured others that while it may not look like it on the outside, Madame Eyebrows is happy and full of love.

"In real life, you have to see her only a few minutes and you see that she is happy," she told The Dodo. "We don't see only her sad face. We see how funny she is! And how much love she gives to us."

Plus, as we can see, she knows how to accessorize and have fun with fashion.

She's truly one of a kind.

We've concluded that Madame Eyebrows is an icon that will always put a smile on our faces with her despondently-shaped brows.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you're in love with Madame Eyebrows too. And if you're interested in seeing more of this uniquely gloomy pup, make sure to check out her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

h/t: The Dodo

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