Well, It Looks Like Jamie Lee Curtis Is Finally Getting The Respect She Deserves

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the best celebrities in Hollywood. Not only is she an outstanding actress, but she's an amazing person. She is one of the few people who deserve all the praise and money Hollywood fame grants them.

Her vulnerability and honesty are what have kept Jamie Lee in the hearts and minds of fans for over four decades.

After a red-hot appearance at the 2021 Golden Globes, it seems like Jamie Lee is finally getting the respect she deserves!

Jamie Lee Curtis is a celebrity that multiple generations grew up with. How cool is that?!

I mean, I guess it makes sense since the actress has been in the biz since the late '70s!

And yet, it seems even after an iconic and important career, Jamie is just flourishing now.

Of course, I have always known Jamie Lee was the greatest actress/person around, but it seems more and more people have been realizing this lately.

With every passing year, it seems more and more people are realizing we're living in a Jamie Lee Curtis-issance. Yes, that means a renaissance, but instead of 15th-century European movement, it is the growing significance of Jamie Lee Curtis in pop culture.

I mean... did you SEE her at the Golden Globes?

She was looking so good I ran to the grocery store to buy Activia the very next day!

I mean seriously, how does she look SO good at 62? It's all that kindness and talent!

In addition to look amazing, Jamie Lee is doing amazing things in life, too!

She continuously opens up about her sobriety journey, her philanthropic work, and her dedication to her fans is unmatched.

As you may recall, a few months ago, Jamie officiated a wedding ceremony for a Halloween fan who was dying of cancer.

It seems every day, more and more people are appreciating how awesome Jamie Lee Curtis is, and I'm here to say "WELL, IT'S ABOUT TIME!"

Are you happy to see Ms. Curtis finally getting all the love and praise she deserves? What's your favorite movie from the Hollywood legend? Let us know in the comments below!