16+ People Who Did The Research For The Rest Of Us

Everyone knows that, in order to prove a point, it's usually necessary to show how you arrived at said point. I'm not sure how many people in this list were trying to prove a point, but let's respect the fact that they did the research so we don't have to.

Extra exhaust.

Reddit | yoshebug

I don't think this exhaust is necessary, adds functionality, or will stand the test of time. But I have to admire the effort.


Reddit | Careless_Lecture

Do you ever have cables that won't stay put? Just put a tack through 'em.

...I'm kidding, of course. This is a downright terrible idea.


Reddit | eletric-chariot

What do you do if your washing machine lid loses its handle? Thanks to this person's experimentation, we have an answer.

Tinkerer's dream.

Reddit | Hunter_Rodrigez

This pic is proof positive that it's possible to have a huge mess of tools that fits under a slightly tidier mess of a table.

No more drips.

Reddit | JackieFarkas

This doesn't seem right but then again, I don't see why it won't work. I mean, cars are metal. The can is metal. It's perfect.

If it works...

Reddit | thatsed

Someone needed sprayable lubricant so they put some motor oil in a beer bottle, put on a Windex lid, and called it a day.

That ought to hold.

Does this bed look secure to you? Yeah, me neither, but the person who posted this pic swears that it's fixed their cracked bed frame.

Weird pickup.

Reddit | whitetail91

Someone chopped up and obliterated a Honda Ridge Line so you don't have to...y'know, in case you were considering chopping up a car for no reason.

Solder: is there anything it can't do?

Reddit | PirateGloves

On one hand, the old screwdriver's functionality is gone. On the other hand, an entirely new screwdriver has taken its place.

Mobile grilling unit.

Reddit | bikepunxx

This smoker on the front of a truck seems like a solution to a problem nobody had, but at least it looks secure.

Nice pins.

Reddit | Import

This cat had no paws but that's no problem when some enterprising soul has found a way to 3D print some new ones.

Hot tubbing.

Reddit | Dillon-Croco

This isn't a hot tub. It's an old pig trough, heated by a stove. Yeah, I wouldn't want to get in either.

Banana hammock.

Reddit | notodin_

This person conducted an experiment: do bananas still get overripe if you suspend them from a long bungee cord? Apparently, the answer is yes.


Reddit | Nvr2Much

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you spilled spaghetti all over your dish rack? Thanks to this person, you now know.


Reddit | Jan_M-

Here's what it looks like when you make a loaf of bread but forget the yeast. I wonder what the inside looks like.

I guess it works.

Have you been looking for a spaghetti drying rack? No? Really? Well, if you had been in the market for one, here you go.

Life cycle.

Reddit | rodiraskol

This pile of compost shows, step by step, the process through which household scraps eventually become rich, dark compost.

Keep on climbing.

Reddit | Phyierpickle

These old couch springs are sturdy and they provide all kinds of ways for these plants to climb and climb.

Nice split.

Reddit | badgerprof

Personally, I just eat 'em. But this person pulled their banana apart to show that the fruits are "trilaterally symmetrical." Isn't nature grand?

Knot bad.

Reddit | swimfastalex

Instead of using one of those little plastic table doohickeys to keep the cheese on top of the pizza and off the box's lid, this place puts a garlic knot in the middle of the pie.

That'll taste much better than plastic.

Bloomin' good.

Reddit | longasau

Somebody let their broccoli flower and it turned out quite nicely, I must say. And I didn't even know it could flower.

In my house, usually it's either turned into dinner or rotted and thrown in my trash long before this stage.


Reddit | peppaz

Someone tried to split a pill and discovered that there was a smaller pill inside. Who even know that pharmaceutical companies would recycle like that?

Worth the effort.

Reddit | bobert_the_wise

This is why you always pull on random books when you're staying at a small hotel — you never know if it might open up a secret room behind the bookshelf. This one opens up a billiards room!

Time tested.

Reddit | bolcinoff

How long will those old Nokia phones last? Well, building off their reputation for durability, this one has been going strong for 16 years so far and it doesn't appear to be slowing down, either.

Sounds good!

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

I never would have thought to try using a travel pillow's hollowed out middle to allow me to wear headphones while laying down. Hey, it works!

Like a trip to the museum.

Reddit | Parisduonce

A team of archaeologists meticulously excavated and preserved this ancient Viking well, all so people could walk over it while they shop for cereal.

Cruise control.

Reddit | crispy_rice

So, technically, yes, you can use your pickup truck as a boat trailer. Is it a great idea to do so? I don't know.

I envision some issues getting the boat into the water, but hey, maybe the owner has a plan for that.

Tech support.

Reddit | koyaniskatzi

Ratchet straps and a scrubber handle are basically the 21st century update of hauling around your schoolbooks with a belt wrapped around them. It's not fancy, but it works.

Dorito science.

Reddit | maggiegrigs

Did you know that putting Doritos in a coffee grinder separates the corn chips from the seasoning? Well, now you know.

It's cool because it's confusing.

Reddit | IS___Null

If you want a wristwatch that just about nobody else can possibly read, for some reason, here you go: a watch that that displays the time in a form of binary notation.

Apparently, this one is saying that it's 4:14. Do with that what you will.

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