13+ Wild Solutions That Are A Bit Questionable

A MacGyver solution to a unique problem is something anyone can be proud of. But sometimes, these quick fixes don't quite hit the same way. Let's judge these questionable solutions, but without losing sight of the creativity involved.

That's how you use a power outlet.

Reddit | phenwulf

I don't know where that plug comes from, but all that really matters is that it's plugged in. Wait, scratch that — all that really matters is that it's a significant fire hazard.

Nice and toasty.

Reddit | gandorfisgod

This office area wasn't getting much heat, so someone installed a heat lamp. Now it's toasty warm, and also has the ambience of a hotel washroom.

If it works...

Reddit | Krayan_

I like the creativity here, but if you wait until the flames are popping that bag, it might already be too late.

Overflow solution.

Reddit | jubublian

This house is for sale. While this might be a good solution for toilet overflow, it doesn't bode well for this house's plumbing.

It almost fits.

Reddit | jmvbmw

I haven't built a computer in years, but I'm pretty sure you can buy cases in different sizes so you don't run into problems like this.

Looks sturdy at least.

Reddit | CSPhCT

I can't fathom a reason for this invention to exist, but here we are. If anyone's in the vicinity of Krum, Texas, they should keep an eye out for this.

Lean back.

Reddit | Val_The_Great69

Ethernet cables: is there anything they can't do? In this situation, they've been used to prop up the back of a broken chair.


Reddit | RakonHenri

While we're talking about computer chairs, feast your eyes on this. It's all computer chair in the front, all kitchen chair in the back.

Strong hold.

Reddit | 2dazeTaco

This truck looks like it's on its absolute last legs, and that's before you even consider the fact that the back hatch is held in place by bungee straps.

Perfectly engineered.

Why buy a ceiling lamp when you could just haphazardly hang a table lamp upside-down over your work area?

Something doesn't feel right.

Reddit | Naptownfellow

Look, I get that the paths of these ducts cross up, but there has to be a solution that, y'know, actually works.

Shipping out.

Reddit | Zyklozylum

I don't think a can of Dr. Pepper is so heavy that you need a little shipping pallet for it, but here we are.

A straw's a straw.

Reddit | Luther_Vandross_

This looks like a regular WD-40 straw, but it's actually the straw from a bag of Capri Sun. If it works, it works.

Seems extreme.

Reddit | echo6golf

This is a mailbox that's strong enough to withstand a nuclear blast. Why? I don't know. You'll have to ask the homeowner.

Right angle.

Reddit | Nosmurfz

"I made a sideways pencil to mark something in an area I could not reach," the uploader of this pic explained. I guess that solves that.

I guess it evens out.

Reddit | science_and_beer

This bag of medium roast coffee beans is actually half dark and half light...which isn't quite the same thing. There isn't a medium-roasted bean in the whole bag.

Improvisation is the name of the game.

Reddit | Blimpy_Bear

If you know what you're doing, you can splice cables like this. If you're like me, you'll get a really bad shock if you try.

Don't bring it to a boil.

Twitter | @dmanning283

This is cute, and interesting enough, but you don't want to forget that there's a kid in that pot — not a crawfish.

What in the actual hell.

Reddit | dee_snutz

I know that this solution has to do with plumbing, but I don't really want to know anything more than that.

Stay closed.

Reddit | gantzypants

This is one way to keep a dishwasher door closed. Heck, with solutions like this, who even needs a repairman?

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