Mom Grappling With 'Baby Name Regret' Asks Internet For Advice

When it comes to naming our children, it can be a lot of pressure. A name is something that a child carries with them forever. Parents always want to make sure they make the best decision in terms of names.

Some parents feel the pressure when it comes to names.

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Some parents admit that when they are trying to decide on a name for their children, they feel pressure to pick the best name.

But, the pressure can be a lot.

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Sometimes, the pressure can be so much that parents just settle on a name that they don't truly love. And, sometimes, parents regret their name choice.

One mom opened up on a popular parenting thread about this.

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One mom, going by the user name "Andfeelingsad" on Mumsnet said that she's been regretting the name she chose for her daughter and has been wanting to change the name.

The mom said she has, "always regretted the name she chose."

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"I basically have always regretted my daughter’s name. My husband wouldn’t discuss names before she was born and we ended up choosing something really popular in a rush to name her," the mom said.

For three years, the mom has hated the name.

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"He then refused to change it when she was tiny which I so so wish we had done. She is now 3 and I still can’t get over it," the mom added.

The mom feels her daughter will "resent" her for her name.

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"All these threads where people talk about names being overused and boring make me feel guilty. I hate that people will be thinking these things about my lovely daughter and worry she’ll go through life hating her name," the mom shared.

She asked the thread for some advice.

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"I had some fairly unusual names on my list and I wish I had used a more special name that I truly loved.

But obviously she’s far too old to change it now so I’m just not sure how to move on and stop obsessing. Has anyone felt the same and found it got better," the mom asked.

Many people on the thread gave some heartfelt advice.

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"For what it’s worth I have a name that was very popular in the era I was born. As a kid I wished I had an edgier, more 'original' name, but as an adult I am very grateful for my classic and, dare I say, boring name.

I am grateful to not have to spell it out, that everyone always knows what it is and how to spell it immediately and it’s also a name that suits an adult woman just as much as it suited a little girl. My perspective is further enforced because my best friend has a very unusual, unique-spelling type name which is the bane of her life and has only become more so as she’s gotten older," one person shared.

Others said there is a reason that some names are so popular.

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"You really need to try and get over this. Popular names are popular for a reason — they’re nice. That’s why a lot of people choose them. I’m sure you’ve chosen a lovely name. If you’d picked something strange your [dear daughter] might not like it because it was too ‘out there,'" someone else said.

Do you agree? Would you change your daughter's name?

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