16+ Pictures Where Something Isn't Quite Right

When something isn't quite right, you can feel it in your bones. Even if you can't immediately put your finger on what exactly is wrong, you just know deep down that there's a problem. If these things bother you, well, prepare to be bothered.

Does not compute.

Reddit | marcalla10

You'd think by this point that any kind of computer system that involves a calendar would understand that February 30th is not a date in any calendar, but here we are.

Rip off a little cheese.

Reddit | mood_alchemy

I know it's slightly more inconvenient to peel back the whole lid to grab a slice of cheese, but it beats the alternative. We're humans, not animals.

Permanently stairs.

Reddit | ta3966

A great comedian once said that when escalators break, they just become temporary stairs. Well, here's a case where the stairs are permanent.


Reddit | kin3ticwave

I've seen some hand dryers in inconvenient places before, but I think this is the first one I've seen that's literally unusable.

All kinds of biking.

Reddit | Khodra

These heated insoles are great for biking: biking on skis, biking on a boat, biking on horseback, biking while golfing and, of course, biking while biking.

Which way do I go?

Reddit | buttermybackside

This looks like the kind of trail that could get you lost in some rugged terrain, so it's a little unnerving that it isn't clear which side is the arrow.

Please, just no.

Reddit | lxgan18

Toilet seats and toilet paper roll holders both serve their purpose well. There's absolutely no need to combine them, and that should be obvious.

That isn't tennis.

Reddit | ruralsimpleton

The person who captioned this probably saw a racquet sport and just assumed it was tennis, but they should know that there's more than one racquet sport out there.


Reddit | closedInfancy92

I could forgive them missing the tilde on the jalapeño, but the fact that they included it on the onions — a word with no tilde — is just plain weird.

Out of scale.

Reddit | SilentEdge

This is either a gigantic pet feeder, one big enough for an elephant, or this family owns the world's smallest golden retriever. Or maybe, y'know, it's just bad Photoshop.

Thanks, anonymous restaurant.

Reddit | impeesa75

It's nice that this restaurant is giving us a coupon to thank us for our support. It would be nice if we knew what restaurant it was.

Two great tastes.

Reddit | TuftedMonkey831

This person asked for ketchup and mustard. Technically, they got what they asked for. I love how they even got two containers.

Pure elegance.

Reddit | Quidjimabo

Nothing beats a classy evening out. Everyone has a chance to dress in their finest regalia while coyly dangling a chandelier over their shoulders.

Does whatever a spider can.

Reddit | Sober_Redhorse

I see that Spidey is using his strength to try to save this cake, but let's be real here: everything's already ruined.

The kitchen of the is the home heart.

These folksy signs are barely intelligible even when the words are in the correct order, so this isn't that big of a deal.

Just a bit off.

Reddit | clappingenballs

Everything in this kitchen appears to function as it should, so why is the lack of symmetry so freakin' aggravating?

One is not like the other.

Reddit | Agent__Stone

My faith in the purity of Sparkling Ice has been shaken after seeing two bottles, of ostensibly the same flavor, with drastically different colors.

Fake-out doors.

Reddit | Mrmattgyver

I wonder if this house was designed with double doors right next to each other, or if they were necessitated by this terrible design.

Close enough.

Reddit | XxBtC

This soccer field includes all of the proper lines, but that's where my praise ends. Absolutely everything is significantly off.

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