15+ Weird Pics Of Things We Never Suspected Could Happen

With the infinite possibilities presented by a living, breathing planet, it stands to reason that extremely unlikely things are bound to happen from time to time. All you can hope is that, when these things do happen, someone whips out a camera to capture them.

Perfectly balanced.

Reddit | PurelyForLolla

Here's one of the weird things that can happen as the snow slowly melts. It's weird to think that this tire is separated from the pavement by frozen water.

Just walk away.

Reddit | Moby-King

This photo of the aftermath of some kind of boat mishap is perfectly timed to make it look like the driver is running on water.

Laser focus.

Reddit | min-1

When the laser lights up your cocktail this perfectly, you just know that it's going to be a particularly delicious cocktail.

One is not like the other.

Reddit | Jousan_

This person has two thumbs, like most of us. Unlike most of us, one of their thumbs never learned how to bend.


Reddit | MTPokitz

Dragonflies and water snakes are both predators, which might explain why they appear to be showing mutual respect to one another.

Florida Man approves.

This snowy patch looks unnervingly like Florida. The shape is bang-on, including the panhandle. The only thing that's really missing is the Florida Keys.

Who's chicken now?

Reddit | hauntcircus

I didn't realize that chickens or roosters were capable of drop-kicking small children, but photographic evidence suggests that it is indeed possible.

Weird time capsule.

Reddit | nyratevoli

This McDonald's litter from Christmas of 1977 (!) was found, perfectly preserved, in a wall. This trash might even be worth something.

A true fauxhawk.

Reddit | teereximus

No, this isn't an unfortunate haircut. It's a regular haircut that a random bird has decided to make look like an unfortunate haircut.

Epic battle.

Anyone else see a winged horse arm wrestling a gigantic beaver in these clouds? If not, c'mon! It's right there!

Not like the others.

Reddit | Balloon_911

I love how this bird fits in so well with the aerial display that it even appears to be leaving a contrail behind.

Too much black pepper.

Reddit | aintitquaint

This is a mushroom, so there's a not insignificant chance that eating it could kill you. But when it looks this much like a fried egg, it's tough to resist.


Reddit | RandyOrton040

On one hand, this bee made the photo about itself. On the other hand, at least the original subject of the pic is still visible.

Ice tentacles.

Reddit | SeamanTheCat

I'll never not be amazed by the weird ways that ice can freeze. This looks like some kind of sea creature.

Quality bow.

Reddit | NearlyLegit

I guess it makes sense that an over-stressed bow could just explode like this, but I'm still impressed by how many pieces it's shattered into.

Some kind of warm leaf.

Reddit | rhinosyphilis

This leaf must have been warmed by the sun, then melted the snow underneath. I can't think of any other explanation.

This is fine.

Reddit | jritt24

I mean, this really is fine. Kind of cool but ultimately unnerving? Of course. But at least the doggo's in one piece.

Bonus egg.

This gigantic, stretched-out egg is noteworthy on its own, but what's particularly interesting is that it has a whole egg inside. "One of our chickens just laid a jumbo egg with another egg inside," the uploader of the pic wrote simply.

Three generations.

Reddit | young-litty

What are the odds that three different generations of Mini would all parallel park on the same street, in chronological order no less?

Two in one.

Reddit | Stormaris

This cat has a consistent pattern, if you overlook the completely different pattern that runs up and down both of its front legs.

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