10+ Questionable Life Choices 'Friends' Characters Made

Friends is one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time. It's got humor, drama, intrigue, and heartwarming moments sandwiched into one.

But it's also got some questionable moments — some of which, that have only continued to get more inappropriate with time.

And who made these questionable moments come true? Well, the characters, of course, with their disastrous life choices! Here are 10+ of them.

When Chandler hooked up with one of Joey's sisters.


AND forgot which one he hooked up with!

Knowing this, he definitely deserved that punch in the face. You should never cross that line with a best friend's family members unless you have the best intentions.

When Monica trusted Phoebe with cutting her hair.

Now, a lot of us have had to put faith in our friends and families to cut our hair during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Monica had no excuse! Of course, it ended up a disaster.

When Ross couldn't be faithful.


Don't let that nerdy persona fool you.

Ross isn't exactly a saint. He cheated on Julie with Rachel, then hooked up with someone else while on a break with Rachel, and then cheated on Bonnie with Rachel. Get it together, man!

When Chandler kept dating Rachel's boss.


Despite the fact that she specifically told him to break things off!

This put Rachel in such an awkward position and led to that awkward last breakup with Chandler locked in the boss's office.

When Joey dated Rachel behind Ross's back.

Did he learn nothing from Chandler hooking up with his sister?! Avoid. The. Same. Dating. Circle.

Especially the ones that include your best friend's ex. The whole thing was the opposite of "fine."

When Ross proposed to Emily after only six weeks.

Yes, they had long-distance restraints (Emily lived in London), but it was still too soon!

Six weeks is not enough time to really know a person (or, um, even their name!).

When Monica dated someone much older than her.

While it would be difficult for anyone to pass on Tom Selleck aka Richard Burke, Monica should have.

He's best friends with her dad and didn't want the same things as she did. This only resulted in a broken heart.

When Ross whitened his teeth before a big date.


He ended up blinding his date with his terrifying results.

Take this as a lesson: never attempt a huge beauty change before something important! Stick to a new sweater or something.

When Ross let Joey and Chandler watch his newborn son.


While this was a split decision since Ross had to rush to the hospital over allergies, he should have called qualified babysitters.

Not two dodo heads who ended up losing Ben.

When Chandler pretended to be someone else to sleep with a woman.

You should never deceive someone just to get what you want.

It also could have jeopardized that woman's happiness with the real Bob. Shame on you, Chandler!

When Monica hung out with Julie.


We get that Monica just wanted to support her brother and his new relationship, but she went against Rachel in the process.

Not only that, but she hid it from her, which should have been an indication that she was doing something wrong.

When Chandler kept going back to Janice.

Clearly, he wasn't with her for that awful cheetah print or that laugh. So what then?

By continuously going back, he was only wasting both of their time and hurting her in the process.

When Joey kept accepting Chandler's money.


We get that he's a struggling actor and all that, but it still wasn't okay for him to live off of Chandler's hand-outs.

He should've gotten a stable job to help with money in the meantime.

When Chandler made fun of Fun Bobby while he was trying to get sober.


After it was discovered that Fun Bobby was only fun because of his drinking, the gang start to rag on him.

Chandler calls him "Ridiculously Dull Bobby" behind his back. And Monica starts drinking around him!

When Ross makes a move on his COUSIN.


Unfortunately, there were a few incest moments on the show.

One of the most notable is Ross being attracted to his cousin Cassie. How would this ever be okay?!

When Ross dated a student.

It's a pretty known policy that you're not allowed to date your university students. And yet, Ross convinced himself that it was merely "frowned upon."

Their age gap, life differences, and disapproval from Elizabeth's father eventually broke them up.

When Rachel convinced Ross's girlfriend, Bonnie, to shave her head.


This was just mean!

She got so jealous and vindictive over ross that she decided to hurt another woman in the process. No man — especially not Ross — is worth that.

When Ross tries to stop Ben from playing with a Barbie doll.

Due to his own fragile masculinity, he tries to get Ben to play with a more "masculine" toy.

That's not all. He also took issue with the male nanny named Sandy.

When Rachel tells everyone in her office that Tag is gay.


Spreading lies about someone's sexual orientation to stop women from pursuing him just screams "termination."

And she did this as his boss! What if he had been gay and she outed him?