11+ Smart Ideas That Got All The Praise

We've all seen our share of terrible designs. Am I right? You can spot them pretty much everywhere. From ill-planned signs to crooked pavements, I can go on and on, ha, ha!

So isn't it wonderful when you get surprised by a concept that not only looks great but also serves a function? I tell you, I'm all about those designs and then some.

1. This Bike Seat

Does your bike seat come with any special function? I know mine doesn't. However, this one doubles as a tire pump. Can you believe that? I don't think I've ever seen anything as smart and cool as that.

2. This Turtle Tunnel

OMG, have you ever seen something like this before? Aww, this is so sweet. I wish these turtle tunnels would be available on every train track. It could save so many turtles. I absolutely love this idea.

3. This Restaurant Bathroom Sign

We all had our share of bad dates. Am I right? However, if you think your date might actually be dangerous, this bathroom sign can really be a life-saver. Don't you think?

4. This Playground Slide

Kids love playing in the playground, especially in the summer. But I always wonder how hot these metal slides can get, huh? If you can believe it, this one is actually water-cooled so kids won't get burned while using it.

5. These Elevator Buttons

Imagine if you were carrying a bunch of groceries and you couldn't press that elevator button. Wouldn't these foot buttons be so helpful to you? This is also such a great tool now that nobody wants to touch anything.

6. This Gmail Notification Message

Wouldn't it be cool if your email composer was actually intuitive? Well, as it turns out Gmail is. It will tell you that you might've forgotten to attach something before you press that "send" button.

7. This Verification System

Who here absolutely can't stand captchas? Raise your hand — me, me, me. I find them so annoying, and most of the time, they just waste your time. So I much prefer doing this instead. What do you think?

8. These Sheet Tags

Is it just me, or do you also have issues putting your fitted sheet on the mattress? I never know which side is up, down, or one of the sides. I wish all of them came with tags like these.

9. This Park Sign

It's interesting that people will walk their dogs at any time of the day without considering this. If it's too hot for your bare feet, then it's definitely too hot for their little paws to step on the pavement, too.

10. This Spray Bottle

Isn't it annoying when you buy a spray bottle, but then you can't get all the liquid out at the end? Well, someone designed this one, so you can do it easily. How genius is that?

11. This Library Sign

Can you take yourself back to your school days? Were there ever any topics you were curious about but too afraid to ask anyone for help finding research materials? This library thought of a great way to help people get the information they need.

12. This Clinic Instruction Sheet

I don't know about you, but I feel like this should be implemented at every clinic and doctor's office. You never know if somebody is trying to escape an abusive relationship or needs access to help. This is a simple and safe solution for everyone.

13. This Bike Stand

Sweden implemented something very cool to help their bikers be safer on the road. They can use this stand to hold on to while waiting for the traffic lights. I bet it's so appreciated. What a great idea, huh?

14. These Subway Seats

The designated subway seats on the London Jubilee line have this sign on them. I think it's such a great way for people to remember that not everyone who is in need of a seat is the same.

15. This Shopping Cart Sign

How many times have you been to the grocery store and picked up a shopping cart with wobbly wheels? Ugh, I find that so annoying. So, this company came up with these tags people can hang on the carts that need servicing.

16. This Car Dashboard

I'm such an animal lover, so I would hate to see a pet stuck inside a vehicle in extreme weather. Tesla came up with this handy dashboard sign that lets people know the pet inside is doing just fine.

17. This Road Sign

If you drive a truck, it must be tricky to navigate streets that have low bridges. Am I right? I bet you would appreciate getting a heads up like this everywhere there's a low bridge up ahead.

18. This Pet Shop Website Verification System

As a former turtle owner, I can definitely appreciate this. I would never want anyone to think that shipping a live animal without proper protection is okay. This is so thoughtful and genius.

19. This Alarm Setting

How many times have you set your alarm thinking that you chose AM instead of PM? Then, you wake up in a panic because you made a mistake. This alarm wants you to confirm a morning or evening time before you set it. I love that.

20. This Toilet

This toilet works in a way that where the cistern fills using a tap and sink. Therefore, you can wash your hands without wasting any water. I honestly think this should be the norm with all the toilets and sinks.

21. This Hands-Free Door Opening System

This bar came up with a hands-free door opening system. Now patrons don't have to touch any dirty door handles. I love this idea. However, I bet a few drunk people might get confused ha, ha!

22. These Business Cards

What's so special about these business cards? They actually have braille embedded on them in addition to regular text. I have to admit I wouldn't have thought of doing that. However, this definitely makes total sense to me.

23. This Toilet Paper Roll

Instead of a cardboard tube, this toilet paper roll is made out of... more toilet paper. That way, the entire roll gets used up without any waste!

Wow, I'm so glad I stumbled upon these amazing designs and ideas.

It makes me feel like all is well in the world again. Which one has impressed you the most? Have you seen any other cool ideas lately? Please share with me below.

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