16+ People Who Do Things Their Way No Matter What

There are some stubborn people out there, people who have their way of doing things and will let no one get in the way.

And so, to show off some of the weirder and unexpected examples of these kinds of people, here are 15+ people who are gonna do things their way no matter what!


There would not be enough money in the world that anyone could pay me to do this. But, to each their own I guess?

"Hello Traffic Warden, I want to play a game..."

As much as I love to see anyone messing with Traffic Wardens, I can just imagine that this lead to them getting a ticket. Traffic Wardens aren't the most light-hearted say the least.

"Snowman Totoro!"

Someone else did add, "Would you say it's a Snowtoro?" and Christ I wish I had come up with that.

"When the exam is too tough."

You don't want your answer to be smudged by all of your tears now, do you? Always take a packet of Kleenex into an exam for crying into.

"Never a dull moment as a cake decorator I swear. The only explanation I got was 'It's for my brother.'"

Well, I'm sure that their brother will really appreciate their private life being shared with the people who work in the local cake shop!

"Oh, Portland... Never Stop Being You."

Ah, the unicycle. Everyone love the unicycle... Oh, wait no, the other thing, everyone hates the unicycle.

"New York's neighborhood fishmonger."

"Do you have any fish left."

"Ahem, fish? Don't know what you're talking about."

"Seriously Dave, do you really want me to say it?"

"Go on..."

"Urgh, do you have any meat without feet left?"

Sick Rims!

You need to make sure that your pizza is frozen before trying this, otherwise it just won't work!

"Throw your hands in the air, if you're a true player."

Well, this might not have been the sort of response that their teacher was expecting, but they completed the task!

The Hot New Toy!

It looks like they put all of their time and effort into designing the invisible woman figurine which is definitely in there and very well made!

"Couldn't do this again if I tried."

How hard did she throw that damn axe? She could give Thor a run for his money with an arm like that.

"Funny National Park Social Distancing Sign."

I have never been up close to a Bison, and I really hope that I don't ever have to be, they look terrifying!

"Every season I understand fashion less and less."

Yeah, I have to admit that the world of fashion is a bit beyond me now as well. I guess that blue is in?

"My dad put food coloring on icicles."

I do not have a clue why he did it or where the idea came from in the first place, but I love it.

"A ring made out of Pringles."

Someone really needs to tell this guy that you can just eat them straight out of the packet. Who ever resists eating a packet of Pringles long enough to do this sort of thing?!

"Thanks, I hate ham sandwiches."

Someone did suggest that they should be call "Ham Standwiches." However, I'd rather they weren't called anything and that no one ever did this again.

"Hardcore graffiti in Idaho!"

I wonder if there is other graffiti around the place that claims, "Mozarella rules" as a part of a sort of cheesy gang war?

"This guy wearing a Pac-Man suit."

It turns out that this guy is actually a car salesman at the Hyundai Dealership in Lindon. I guess the dress code is pretty relaxed!

"Recently moved to Texas. Saw this today..."

One person who had a similar, yet more unfortunate, experience with this sort of thing added, "Tried this in Maryland at a Roy Rogers. We were told they couldn't serve us if we weren't in cars, which was ironic because it's a cowboy themed restaurant."

"Medication for back pain on the lowest shelf?!"

The person who stocks these shelves obviously has a real problem with people with spinal issues, which is a weirdly specific prejudice to hold.