13+ Moments That We Could All Learn From

Life is full of opportunities to learn and grow, and sometimes we can find learning opportunities in the strangest and most unexpected of places!

So, from learning how to save kids from getting mullets to the basics of lighter etiquette, here are 13+ moments that we could all learn from!

"My local coffee shop's tip jar this morning..."

No child should have to go through life with a mullet. If you or anyone you know has been affected by having a mullet, please call your local barber for help.

"Test your hairstyles on your kids."

This is a fantastic idea. I mean, they're just like a little version of you as well so you'll really get a good idea of how you'd suit a look!

"Nothing worse than being Tuna shamed!"

I always used to make sure to tuna shame people who eat tuna sandwiches on planes. That is a carnal sin.

"My son, the realist, age 5. What a mood."

Looks like Niko has already got the monotonous trudge of life pretty much sorted out! It took me a lot longer to get that figured out.

"Dating tip in the bathroom of a fancy restaurant."

This is especially true if the person you are dating is into the Brendan Fraser Mummy films...and, let's be honest who isn't?

"My fourth grader's math homework. She said, 'This way I didn't even need to think about it.'"

We could all learn a thing or two from this fourth grader. I mean, effective laziness is a lesson that we all need to master as early as possible in life.

"Just Show Up!"

It is even better when you start fake gossip around the water cooler and you don't even work there or know who anyone is. It'll really confuse everyone.

"The new apprentice is learning about recycling."

One person who has clearly fallen for something like this before wrote, "You don't have to be dumb to fall for this. You just have to think your boss is that dumb."

"My little daughter had to draw the wings and feet of the dragon as homework."

I think that this dragon looks rather dashing! I wonder if those boots have a bonus to his character stats, or if he's just wearing them as he likes Doc Martens?

"My daughter turns 1 next week. She learned to play hide and seek today...sort of."

She's got the core mechanics of the game down. And, I mean, it's cheating to look at people's feet anyway, everyone knows that!

"Someone in my condo is ready to get back to in person learning."

Never let kids with pens go near white furniture, that is day one stuff when it comes to looking after kids!

"How I learned she doesn’t like surprises..."

Either that or she just wanted to have a bite of each one and used the "I don't like surprises" excuse to cover her tracks.

"Everything I've ever learned is telling me to dig."

It is probably just another fossil that Blathers won't even want as he's already got one. I think that I've played too much Animal Crossing over the last year.

Not Convinced By Their Home Haircut!

This disappointed person explained, "Today my partner learned that you shouldn't put off a haircut until the apocalypse when the only person left to do it [is] your girlfriend who has never even trimmed her own ends. He calls this look 'Cambodian Garbage Hitler.'"

"Don't trust anyone!"

Everyone has that one friend who, when you ask them for a lighter, just hand you back one that you had lost ages ago.

"What a great life hack!"

Actually, if it is an electrical fire then throwing an elevator at it is probably better than throwing water on it?

"If your key breaks in half, just stick it into a potato like my friend did this morning."

This will also work if you have a plate of chips and your key breaks. Well, it won't, but you'll have a plate of chips to comfort you at least!

"How to be a different kind of cheapskate."

I'm not entirely sure that is how that works, but I would love to see someone in the airport arguing this case!

"Bought my daughter a gaming chair..."

So essentially, kids are just like cats, that's what I'm getting from this? Do they also cry when they want food, I bet they do those damn freeloaders!

"My 5-year-old just learned that 911 still works on old cell phones. He was playing cops and robbers with his brother...and apparently needed backup."

Hopefully this kid learned that when he calls this number in the future he should at least report his brother for a crime, then he won't be wasting the officer's time.