Wedding Planners Online Spill Their Worst Bridezilla Stories

I've got to tell you, it's not easy to plan a wedding. I know a thing or two about that since I'm planning my own. But can you even imagine what wedding planners must go through?

Well, now you don't have to thanks to one interesting Reddit thread where wedding planners shared their worst stories. The stories told there are pretty unbelievable. I'm going to share just a few gems with you from the thread.

How about this interesting conversation five days before the wedding?

I love the response of the wedding planner: "Do you know how much your parents are paying me to get you?!" Ha, ha! This is classic. I guess she got the point in the end.

I really don't envy the folks who do this job.

Unsplash | Micheile Henderson

"My worst bride was an Ivy League-educated shrink. She tried to play head games with absolutely everyone involved in the planning of the wedding. Frequently had fits." commented one planner.

I bet it was a pleasure working with this bridezilla.

Unsplash | Victoria Priessnitz

"She raved about how much she loved the food all evening, but the day after the wedding, she wrote a bad review about the caterer on Yelp, and told me she wouldn't remove it unless they gave her a discount."

Imagine the horror of these parents?

"The couple got wasted in their limo, and both ended up falling asleep. They were both so late for their own reception, that I had the venue serve dinner without them. Their parents were furious," said one planner.

How do you like this baby-mama drama?

Unsplash | Kathy Lee

According to one planner, a groom's baby mama (and ex-fiancée) came to the reception uninvited. She grabbed the wedding cake, chucked it at the newlyweds, and began screaming how he was a deadbeat dad while she grabbed table wine bottles that she smashed on the ground. Wowza!

Can you imagine being her fiancé?

Unsplash | Anna Kaminova

"The bridezilla pulled the 'love card' and demanded her fiancé rent a massive equestrian park, with stables, vast fields, riding rings and the whole 9 yards, as if the $20k diamond ring wasn't enough." That's quite the entitlement, huh?

How about this charming bride?

Unsplash | Taylor Deas-Melesh

"A bride was so upset that she couldn't fit all of her bridesmaids on one shuttle back from the reception (they took two vans on a 10-minute trip back to the hotel and it only seats 12) that she tried to physically assault the driver," explained this planner.

What would you do if this happened in front of your eyes?

One planner recalled this faithful night:

"The bride punched her mother in the face during photos, then she kicked out the groom's best man, and she cussed out our videographer."

How about this groomzilla?

Turns out that it's not just the ladies that can get a bit demanding during a wedding but grooms can, too. I bet this is quite a memorable one, huh? In the end, the cops were called to get things under control.

When weddings bring out the worst in humanity...

If you can believe it, one photographer said he got punched in the face by the groom. Why? It's because the groom decided that the photographer was, "Taking too many photos of the bride." OMG!

What a pleasure to serve this bride it must've been.

Unsplash | Alasdair Elmes

"Being snapped at when the 4'8 bride wanted her drink brought to her, and then being dismissed in the same manner," one person mused. Wow, why do people do that?

How about this gem of a bride?

Her groom picked a $94,000 ring from the best vintage jewelry store in the United States. But apparently, she hated it and threw a fit because (her words) he, "Bought her a 'used' ring from a garage sale". I have no words.

How about this for a bridezilla moment?

Unsplash | nikki gibson

"A bride once called having a meltdown because her friend got engaged as well and was planning to get married in the same year as she was." said one wedding planner.

Oh, the nerve, right?

Oh my goodness, I hope that when my wedding day arrives I won't turn into a bridezilla, ha, ha.

What was the worst thing you have heard that happened at someone's wedding? I want to hear more horror stories, ha ha!