First Commercial Featuring Lactating Moms Set To Air During The Golden Globes

Many advertisements are created to speak to a specific audience or group of people. For advertisements to really connect to an audience, many viewers want to feel "seen" and "heard" by the companies that are advertising to them.

Many women feel as though they never feel truly seen in ads.

Unsplash | Adam Winger

Some advertisers gloss over some really important and relatable moments in women's life, specifically in relation to motherhood.

Breastfeeding has always been something that is controversial.

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Many people still think breastfeeding is a controversial topic in society. Some moms have even been shamed by others for breastfeeding their babies in public.

But now, one company is looking to end the stigma around breastfeeding and lactation.

The company Frida Mom has released a new commercial that is the first to showcase lactating moms and people are absolutely loving it.

The new campaign wants to give moms a voice and feel seen.

The company's "Stream of Lactation" commercial is part of its new #SprayItForward campaign. The ad will be aired during the 2021 broadcast of The Golden Globes, a popular televised event in the U.S.

The campaign has a pretty good reason and drive behind it.

The campaign with the commercial is set to raise awareness around the reality of being a new mother. There is nothing more realistic and challenging than being a lactating mother.

The commercial gets super real about new mom struggles.

The commercial shows mothers dealing with many relatable "new mom" and breastfeeding struggles. From raw nipples to trying to get babies to latch, this commercial doesn't hold back.

People online absolutely love it.

Some people are saying it's "brave" because it's truthful and honest. This advertisement is giving women a voice on what their reality is truly like.

Others said it's super realistic.

One Twitter user pointed out it's nice to see someone show the "reality" of these things that are "often tucked away" in society.

One person said it was, "the most relatable thing they've seen from a brand in ages."

Many online said when brands actually take the time out to be "relatable" and real, it encourages you to buy from them and shop with them.

What a great television moment for moms everywhere!