15+ Awesome Pictures That Made It Hard to Tell What We Were Looking At

Throughout life, it's impossible to not have blunders like saying or doing the wrong thing, but what about seeing the wrong thing?

Those times our eyes fail us for just a moment and we have to work to figure out what we're looking at. Kind of like with the images in this list!

"My cat's reflection in the door made him look like a ghost, wanting to be let in."

Well? You can't just leave a ghost cat out in the cold like that, let him in!

"I ordered $200 in $2 bills."

But...why? Are you trying to inconvenience someone's life in particular, or just the bank teller's?

"This table leg is also heater."

Can I buy one for my balcony? I'd like to enjoy some fresh air in the winter without having to actually walk or something.

"[...] An 11th century Viking well and stone under a local shop."

The casualness of this is hilarious. "Oh yeah let me just step over this ancient historical artifact to grab some toilet paper."

"This termite mound looking like one of the Easter Island Heads."

An Easter Island head having an allergic reaction that is, he's lookin' pretty puffy.

"What happens when foam filler has a slow leak."

If you let that empty, paint it, you could sell it as an art piece. You'll make millions, maybe!

"A decades worth of used guitar strings."

Tell me why my first thought was one of those hair donuts you use to make a bun, then my second thought was a steel wool scrubber.

"My tape has completely separated from the inner core."

Well, thank goodness you have tape on hand so you can fix it!

"Charred pine tree looks like cliff face with plants."

This one really gets me. I accept that it's a charred pine tree but no matter how long I look at it I can only see a cliff.

"I found a nickel that is 116 years old."

Wow, her skin is so smooth! What's her skincare routine?

"I made a really, really tall egg tower."

That bend near the bottom is nervewracking. A masterful work in balance.

"The right joint of my thumb never developed. I can't bend it."

I never knew the lines on our fingers were from bending, I thought they just kind of...happened.

"This log that came with a handle."

What do you mean I can't drink from this? I'll get splinters? Boohoo, worth it to feel like a woodland dwarf at a tavern.

"I took a plant out of a pot and turned it upside down, these are the roots."

That poor plant was probably so happy to get the chance to breathe! Put them in some fresh soil and a bigger pot and it'll love you forever.

"The clothes on my bedroom wall look like an evil spirit."

Have you considered introducing some color into your wardrobe? It'll help stop this from happening.

"The way this ice kinda melted."

This looks like a faux fur rug in desperate need of a clean. I guess that's a given though after being suspended in river water.

"Accidentally set a hot cooking sheet on a plastic cutting board and made a little mushroom forest."

All things considered, this is probably one of the better outcomes of accidentally melting a plastic cutting board.

"Was flying from Vancouver to Los Angeles on a cloudy day and looked down to see Mount St Helens poking through."

I really thought this was an imprint of an owl or something grabbing an animal in the snow. Perspective is crazy sometimes!

"Entrance to an underground fallout shelter under an elementary school near me."

Not technically bad to have around, but definitely unsettling.

"From the exhibition of Pingu."

There's a Pingu exhibition? Where? I need to see this in all its glory IRL.

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