Amazon Is Selling A DIY Guest House Kit Perfect For The Backyard

I'm as much of a fan of Amazon as the next person. In fact, I just had a package delivered to me yesterday, ha, ha! There are loads of cool things you can buy there — that's for sure.

But did you know that now you can even buy a DIY backyard guest house kit as well? Wow, how amazing is that?

Yes, you read that right.

Unsplash | Clay Banks

There are DIY guest house kits you can buy on Amazon that will be the perfect addition to your backyard. What do you think of that idea? I have to admit it sounds pretty good to me indeed.

Take this model from Allwood, for example, named "Chloe".

It's a beautifully designed, high-quality, multi-purpose cottage-style wood cabin. What I like best about this dwelling are the windows on all three walls. This setup allows abundant natural light inside. Isn't that so nice?

This little cabin could be a perfect guest house when you have family staying over.

It's also a great way to expand your living space without the cost of adding on to your home. Have you ever thought of an option like this?

Many people opt to build additions to their houses.

However, that can be a costly endeavor. Instead, you can get a kit like this delivered straight to your door. Cabins like these range anywhere between $5,000-8,000 based on the square footage.

It's a good option for anyone who doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg on a house addition.

I think it looks super cute, too. Could you see something like this in your backyard? I'm digging this concept here.

You can also use this cabin as an extra space for your hobby, garden, or to keep pool tools and supplies.

It's large enough to house all of those. And if you need more space, check out their other model, "Claudia".

Don't be intimidated by the idea of building something like this yourself.

The kit comes with simple step-by-step directions, and only minimal tools are needed. It should only take about 10 hours for two adults to be able to assemble this.

You can also hire somebody to help you assemble it for about $750.

So if you're not handy enough, that's another option for you to consider. This cabin kit includes all the parts and hardware except the roof shingles and foundation materials.

Can you picture yourself chilling in this log cabin?

Yes, sir, I can. There are plenty of cool options you can find on Amazon. This one looks just like a little house, no? I absolutely love it. It's 1290 square feet of heaven.

Check out how much you can actually fit in a cabin like this?

I have to say I was surprised by how roomy it is. I bet all your friends and neighbors would be so envious of you if you get an addition like this, huh?

This timber frame cabin kit is absolutely fabulous.

I think it would make an amazing guest house. My fiancé and I are planning to one day buy a piece of land. And this would be the perfect place to have our guests stay over.

Who knew that you could have this much extra space, huh?

Wow, I'm very impressed by this floor plan. This cabin includes two bedrooms and one full bath. That's like having a stand-alone house right on your property. Don't you love that?

Speaking of land, if you own some away from town, this could be your perfect getaway.

You can just drive up there for the long weekend and hide away from everybody. That's what I would like to do, ha, ha.

So what are you waiting for, huh?

Unsplash | Shaun Montero

Are you going to get this for your backyard? I have to admit I really like the idea of this sweet little cabin. I could see myself chilling there on a beautiful summer day.

Check out Allwood's DIY Cabin kits on Amazon or their website.