16+ Little Details People Noticed And Posted For Us All To See

Would you consider yourself an eagle eye? Can your precision gaze spot even the faintest of differences?

If so, you're probably leagues ahead of the people on this list, who are just discovering these details for the first time. Though they might not have been as quick on the draw, there's still no way these details could escape notice.

"I found a hidden message when I ripped the paper off this ramen pot."

Who knew it was so easy to become a samurai today?! You just have to be ecologically responsible!

"On the inside of a wetsuit [...]."

Wait, what? I was putting on the wetsuit specifically so I could go pet sharks!

"Mini pallet coasters."

The only thing better would be a tiny forklift to stack them on and lift your can up with.

"Found this motivational message in my jacket."

I appreciate the encouragement but I'd rather have some instructions on how to live the good life.

"Someone has been going around Austin, Texas setting up Ice Kings in random places."

This is good on its own, but the pose is so funny. He looks like a dad standing at the window like, "Wow, just look at this snow! Crazy weather we've been having lately, yep."

"Small frog in a watering can."

The perfect plan. Next time you try to water your plants, he'll get a free shower!

"This is adorable."

Nothing like a little bit of street fruit to brighten your day!

"[The] underside of the box of cookies I ordered."

They've seen it so many times. They're begging you now. Please. Please don't eat floor cookies.

"Oliver Peoples geometric logo is revealed on the lens when sprayed with cleaning solution."

That's so oddly specific and particular, but also so, so neat!

"Behold... A Rare Colorless M&M!"

It's a ghost of M&Ms passed, here to haunt your present-day snacking.

"1977 [McDonald's Christmas] trash found in the wall of our house."

Okay, less of a detail and more of a secret, but still pretty cool. Who in 1977 thought 'let me just throw my garbage into the wall?'

"The bubbles of the bubble wrap are hearts instead of circles."

Receiving packages is already the highlight of my existence, this just makes it even sweeter!

The difference 20 minutes can make!

As the uploader explained, "I have ADHD and my medication didn't start working until part of the way through class. You can see the transition from unmedicated to medicated in the handwriting on my notes page across the span of about 20 minutes."

"Just noticed this in the buckle of our med bags."

If you can't quite make it out, it says 'rock lockster' which decidedly means it wasn't a rock!

Some very specific parking.

Arr, before ye make yer way into the store, make sure yer properly armed and ready for any scallywags that might give ye trouble.

"MasterCard hologram contains a hidden QR code [...]."

If you're wondering, the code just leads to the Mastercard website, but how great would it be if they'd put a joke this far deep in their cards?

"This old switch plate shows the temperature and humidity level."

Good ol' analog, sometimes it really is more convenient and more useful than digital.

"My blue eyed doll’s eyes turned pink after being left in the attic for 7 years."

Riiiiight, that's all it was, certainly not any evil spirits or the power of vengeance that possessed it.

"As in life, chill for best results."

Listen, I try, but I have a lot of anxiety and it's really difficult.

"The people who made my guitar pick couldn’t be bothered to buy the stock photo."

Seeing as you're probably the first person who's noticed, they probably didn't need to in order to make some bank.