Fans Get First Look At Michael C. Hall's Return As 'Dexter' For Upcoming Season 9

This is an exciting time for fans of the hit series Dexter as the show is essentially returning from the dead for a 9th season miniseries!

As fans of the popular series most definitely remember, the show ended on a controversial note with Michael C. Hall faking his own death and sending his son and lover off to live in Argentina.

Now, fans will hopefully get some answers soon!

It's hard to believe it's been almost eight years since *Dexter* went off air.

What better time to bring back a series than amidst a global pandemic?! That is one way to ensure people smile this year!

The show will most likely air toward the end of 2021, but hey, we've got nothing but time, amirite?

Michael C. Hall believes now is the right time for a *Dexter* reboot.

"I've been approached, unofficially, many times in the streets by people who have ideas," Hall joked to ET.

"But... I think there have been probably, before this, three legitimate ideas or concepts of what we might do and none of them felt right."

"This one, a lot of it has to do with time passed," he continued.

"This is going to happen in real-time, as if as much time has passed since the finale happened. And yeah, we kind of just got the creative band back together again."

He continued:

"Clyde Phillips is back, who was the showrunner for the first four seasons, running the show. And Marcos Siega, who is one of the directors. He's like, 'We're gonna shoot it like a long, 10-hour movie.'"

"It was a combination of the scripts and the timing. I always thought maybe the time will reveal itself when it's the right time to do it and it did."

"And I'm excited," he added. "And I was just visiting the sets the other day and it's real. It's really happening."

Michael went on to acknowledge why fans were confused by the series finale.

"From a story standpoint [and] from a character standpoint, it made sense to me what he did. But I certainly can appreciate why it left a majority of the viewers feeling left out in the cold or gypped or frustrated because he literally didn't say anything at the end."


"He had been talking to us the whole time and he just stared at the camera and it was over."

He continued: "He put his sister in the ocean. What the hell was that?"

"The appetite for the reboot is a way facilitated by the fact that it was a less than satisfying ending for people."

"I want to find out what happened to the guy just as much as everybody else."

I'm happy to see we're all on the same page here, Mr. Hall!

Fans of the serial killer series got a brief glimpse of Michael C. Hall's return as Dexter Morgan in the ViacomCBS sizzle reel that played for investors on Wednesday.

Many fans were relieved to see he (thankfully) got rid of that beard!

It's wild that he actually looks younger now?

Maybe it was all those years of not killing people? I hear not being a murderer does wonders for the skin!

People have taken to social media to express their excitement, and I must say, I'm right there with them!

Are you looking forward to the new season? Let us know in the comments below!