16+ Times Nature Managed To Make Us A Tad Uncomfortable

If nothing else, this past winter had really shown us just how powerful Mother Nature can be. Not that we were unaware before, but it was a stark reminder.

Sometimes instead of showcasing her raw strength, she just wants to make us...unsettled. That's what's shown on this list, times that nature managed to make us a little uncomfortable.

"Missed a meeting at work due to a turkey gang fight in my front yard."

Sure you had to break up a turkey fight, but what an incredible excuse to get out of a meeting! That's a gift!

"My sister built a snowman using peppermints for the eyes. This is what her husband saw out the window the next morning."

"Why did you build me? Create me, just to let me go blind? Will you leave me to melt, too, just like my eyes?"

"Zoom in to see where the golf ball landed."

No need. If it's anywhere within a 60-foot radius of that beast, I won't even try to get it.

"First winter at my first bought house."

"I like you too, winter, and I'm super excited to get to know what you're like around here, but this is a little too close for comfort."

"These innocent vases focused the sun rays, and burned holes into my parents' table."

Better the tablecloth than your plants, probably. And better just holes than a whole fire!

"This obnoxiously large watermelon from my grandpa's garden."

Keeping that thing on the top shelf is making me nervous. It's already bending, and I don't doubt it'll just snap.

"New car, first trip on the highway. Tiny pebble causes a 9 inch crack to run across the windshield."

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and other times it gives you a pebble while you're speeding down the road. Both suck.

"The way wind eroded this rock."

Wind? Wind did this? You can't even see wind, how is it even able to wear away at rocks?!

"Freak lemon from my garden."

Burn it. Immediately. That one doesn't get the chance to live, no.

"The sky by me looks kinda like an evil spooky face."

I only kind of see the face, but either way it's a perfect Halloween-looking night you got there. Perfectly eerie, almost foreboding.

"The shape of this pine cone."

If this pinecone wants to be a rose or a carnation, I say let it. Looks just as pretty and will last way longer anyway.

"[All] the seeds in my squash were sprouted when I cut it open."

Are you sure it's that and not your squash coming to life? Did you leave it unattended at all?

"My mandarin with a 'slice' in the peel."

"Yeah, yeah, I know your routine. You're gonna cut into me just like this and eat my insides. I'm onto you."

"Lifeforms growing in clamshell look like teeth."

Those are lifeforms? I'd feel less frightened if they were teeth, actually.

"This rock I found which is the spiral cavity formed inside a shell which has been eroded away."

Have you ever seen a rock and thought 'rocks don't look like that, that's impossible'. Me too, right now.

"I hardboiled an egg with vegetables but it only got stained along the lines of its cracks."

The only time I want to see colored eggs is during Easter, and only on the shell. I don't care about vegetable dye, use different pots.

"This blue tree I saw on my bus."

The blurriness of the photo makes it all the more surreal. Going too fast to ever know what was going on there.

"My car tire balancing on only a tiny patch of snow, somehow not collapsing, after all the snow around it melted."

Any kid who's been hit with a particularly hard snowball knows the sheer strength of packed snow.

"These tea candles that expanded after 10+ years in direct sunlight."

Forget the shape, you managed to keep tea lights for over a decade?

"Tree Consuming Children ... Sign."

There's something hilarious about a sign that's just warning you about children. Not to be careful because they're playing, just that they're around.