17+ People Who Made Ridiculous Decisions

Sometimes you just have to grab life and take some risks. Now, not all risks have to be as dramatic as jumping out of a plane, some can be as simple as making the most of being fired.

So, in the spirit of living life to the fullest, however inadvertently, here are 16+ people who took their fate into their own hands.

"What I see on the news while boarding my flight today..."

I can just imagine this showing on the screens and then several nervous flyers mysteriously demanding to be let off the flight.

"A fate worse than Hell."

The recorder truly is one of nature's most soothing and wondrous instruments. Especially when it's being played by someone who is still learning!

"What a bad decision looks like..."

Ooft, and that doesn't look like it is going to be an easy fix either! Ironically, this terrible past decision will always haunt her.

"Nice Try Aliens!"

Yeah, I've fallen for this scam before. You go in thinking that they're definitely humans, and come out missing vital organs which end up on the intergalactic dark web.

"Ergonomic knife and a snake tattoo. Done by myself (no stencil)."

It's good that they mentioned that they did it without a stencil as otherwise I would never have guessed!

"He insisted he wanted out. He regrets that decision. I fear for my life."

No matter how you help him out, he will always blame you for this. I would expect to find a dead mouse in your bed soon.

"Hand sanitizer found at my chiropractor's office."

No matter how small or how insignificant the cut may be, this stuff will get right in it and bring tears to your eyes!

"It is destiny..."

There is actually a theory called "nominative determinism" which claims that people may naturally gravitate toward professions that suit their names. Mr. Drinkwater may well be the perfect evidence supporting this.

"The perfect license plate for the perfect car."

"So, your specialty is dealing with spiders?"

"Well, not really, I just got the license plate and felt like I had to use it. I'm actually terrified of spiders."

"Okay, well, good luck in there!"

"Who wants to be first to take their fate in their hands and try the infamous meat bird?"

Mmmm, yes, that sounds delicious and definitely not suspicious in any way. I'd much rather have this than any of those birds that are made of fish.

"My boyfriend got me a puppy for Christmas. He didn't realize this would seal his fate of living a privacy-free life for the next 10-15 years."

I mean, they could maybe start closing the door when they're pooping, that's quite a normal thing, actually!

"A difficult decision..."

Look, freedom is pretty good and all, but it doesn't have much of a taste, not like peanut butter!

"Shoutout to my mom who kindly brought me 'dumbbells' from the basement so I could work out at home. Turns out they're Soviet-era hand grenades."

This would really add an element of danger to your workout routine. It's good to really get the blood pumping!

Leave With A Bang!

I guess this is why people who are fired are normally escorted away from their desk. Still, good to see this guy got to make the most of it before he left!

"The city wouldn't fix a large pothole in my town so a local woman took matters into her own hands."

Now all that I can imagine happening is that the woman who did this will be expected to water this little garden and keep it neat and tidy for the community.

"Nice try death, I'm not falling for that one."

It will be exciting, sure, but it will be a very short and shocking ride! It'll also really mess your hair up.

"2021 already got me like..."

I'm sure that he is just trying to give himself the world's slowest shower, not anything more sinister.

"A mom for 4 years, and I am a parent officially today. I stepped on my first Lego!"

Getting your kid Lego will make your kid's day, but it also turns your house into a death trap where every step you take is a risk.

"I drunkenly tattooed some inspiration on myself from Nessie."

I mean, it's pretty cute, but I don't think that I would want it on my leg for the rest of my life. Also, why Nessie?