14+ Times People Meant Well, But Caused More Harm Than Good

There are a lot of people out there who try their hardest to make a positive difference in the world, but just end up making things a little worse by accident.

So, from dentists who wanted to try and calm children down but scared them more than ever, to horrifically insensitive charity drives, here are 14+ times people meant well, but caused more harm than good!

"Demons at my local dentist..."

These things are supposed to make kids feel calmer at the dentist, but these nightmarish creatures would give me nightmares as a kid! In fact, they might still as an adult.

Very Poor Phrasing!

This is likely to scare more people away than anything. And, the kind of people that this sign does attract won't be looking for a church service!

"So my sis wanted a silly family photo..."

Christ, it looks like this photo might have been the thing to push this poor guy to the edge of a mental breakdown!

"They meant well..."

The person who green-lit this message to go on the electronic board really needs a lesson in punctuation.

"She was scared of the slide, I promised her nothing would happen... I was wrong."

And now she will never trust anything that you say again! Still, probably worth it for this hilarious picture.

"I'd like to try that gravy hot tub."

I know that a lot of people are very excited at the prospect of a gravy hot tub, but you need to be careful. Each year, countless people die from drowning in gravy hot tubs, it's a terrible way to go.

"You promise?"

You can't give people false hope like this! Urinals lack the ability to grant such gifts!

"We don't want to disturb the people!"

Yeah, I'd just go right ahead and avoid going near this park altogether if I were you. Unless you're a cannibal, in which case this is probably right up your street.

"My husband said 'stay still, I'm gonna try to draw you' then he showed me this. Look at the FEET!"

Thankfully, the person who posted this did go on to say that it made them laugh, so they saw the funny side of it at least!

"Try not to step on the flours..."

"Did you adopt?"

"No, we baked ours at home."


"I tried to be cute and carved 'I love u' into my wife's banana last night and this morning, it looked like a note from a stalker. 0/10 Will not do again."

It would be even better if you did this on the bananas in the supermarket so that the message showed up when a stranger got them home.

"The last thing you see as you're wheeled into the OR for open heart surgery is this misspelled plaque."

"Well, at least you didn't make the plaque, eh doc?"

"Actually I did, plaque making is my real passion. Open heart surgery is just a hobby really. Anyway, nighty night!"


"My 4-year-old's 'sorry letter' to another boy in her class. Tried not to laugh as she asked me to write those words."

It doesn't sound like they're really that sorry, it sounds more like they're still angry at the other kid having thought they were three!

"Mini fridge message at 5 star hotel."

I reckon that they still get a ridiculous amount of people turning the dial to high and then wondering why it's not keeping anything cold.

"My girlfriend wanted a cute photo of her on our last day of vacation."

The thing that I find most distressing about this is that she is wearing Nike trainers in the ocean! Why?

"My company wanted to make our fountain pink for breast cancer awareness. Didn't quite get it right."

This does now look a little more like something out of The Shining, which probably isn't what they wanted really.

"I bet the person that came up with my school's Epilepsy Awareness Walk's catch phrase is quite pleased with themselves."

"Dave, I can see that you're very pleased with yourself. However, we're worried that the flyer might be a little too..."


"No, insensitive."

"At least their intentions were good..."

In fairness, this is exactly the kind of mistake that I would expect of someone who would think it was a good idea to paint their car like this in the first place.

"Good intentions, badly designed skatepark."

Ah yes, grass, that famously wonderful surface to skateboard on! I wonder how much use this "skate park" actually gets.

"He was just trying to take a nap..."

This poor little child was just trying to bake the dog into a bigger "bread" of dog so that he could go to the "large bread dog park."