TikTok User Discovers Hidden Basement In Her Home

We've all heard of people finding unusual things in their homes. Sometimes, there are messages written behind wallpaper or even an old buried newspaper from the 1940s. Those are all cool discoveries.

However, other finds might make the hair on our bodies stand up on end. That's exactly what happened to this one family when they came across a hidden cellar in their home.

This family recently posted a video of their discovery on TikTok.

Unsplash | Stefan Steinbauer

As it turns out, when they pulled up one of their carpets, they realized there was a latch on the floor. What does that mean?

There's been something hidden underneath the carpet all this time! What on earth could it be?

It was a hidden basement, people!

These folks had no idea it even existed until they pulled up the carpet. Imagine that? I mean, how unusual is that? I would be quite concerned if I were them. I'm not going to lie.

The lady who posted the video actually went down there all by herself.

Come again? I would like, "Heck, no, get me out of here." Are you with me on this one? This is not what I imagine myself doing in this situation.

Okay, I've got to calm down here.

When the TikTok user got down there, she discovered a few interesting things. Oh, there's the boiler. It's not that threatening, I'll admit. But then there were some other unusual findings, too.

First of all, this whole place looks creepy AF to me.

Am I the only one who thinks so? It's all dirty, dark, and dingy, to say the least. Yuck, I can't even imagine going down there. I hate confined spaces.

Then, what is this red stuff on the floor?

Could these be bloodstains? WTF? I sure hope they are not. It isn't looking too good to me. I'm getting a serious case of the heebie-jeebies here. What about you?

Well, if they weren't bloodstains, then how do you explain this object on the floor?

Is that a dagger of some sort? Has it been used to commit a crime? The questions just won't stop coming into my mind. Yikes!

Judging from the comments this lady's various TikTok videos garnered, most folks were pretty confused by this find as well.

Like how do you not know it existed before you buy the place? Didn't they do a house inspection or something like that?

Get this: Not only is this place creepy, but there are crawl spaces in the wall too.

This lady actually thought about going inside of them for a moment there. Okay, no! Don't do that, please. Ahh! Don't give me a heart attack here.

It sounds like other folks weren't too keen on that discovery either.

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one very creeped out by the thought of scary crawl spaces in a hidden basement cellar. No, thank you!

Then this brave person suggested that she shine a cell phone light into those crawl spaces.

Hmm, that might actually be a good idea after all. However, I still don't think I would be bold to do that myself.

What do you think?

Would you be able to do this? I would ask my fiancé to shine a light through these holes. Not that I want anything to happen to him, absolutely not. I'm just too chicken to do it myself.

Here's something a smart person suggested.

She should do a house history search. This way, they could find out who lived here before and if anything unusual happened in this place. Um, I would have done this before buying the actual house.

What if they find a body in those crawl spaces?

OMG! What if this place was some kind of evil lair? I can't stop all these crazy thoughts going through my mind. How do you even sleep soundly wondering about all of this?

A lot of folks were like, "Close that door ASAP."

I have to say, I'm with them on that. Perhaps there was a reason nobody told them about this cellar before they bought the house. That question would linger in my mind as well, ha, ha!

Okay, seriously, are you as freaked out by this hidden cellar as I am?

Would you ever buy a house without inspecting it? What if a murder occurred there or something like that? It is making me so paranoid now.