15+ Cool Pics Of Ordinary Things That Are Almost Unrecognizable

Like chameleons and octopuses, things we see every day can disguise and change themselves to look completely different. Sure, sometimes a different perspective is needed but it changes all the same.

This list highlights this ability, showing cool pics of ordinary things that are almost unrecognizable.

"I ran out of food coloring while making cookies and now the dough looks like a transplantable organ."

Nothing says sweet treat like a slab of what looks like raw meat!

"[...] my boyfriends finger print."

Every time I'm reminded of the tiny, tiny sweat glands on our fingertips, I'm uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Eugh.

"This moss covered stump that looks like a tiny log cabin."

Hey, it's not nice to take photos of peoples' houses without their permission. Now go apologize to the sprite that lives in there.

"[...] a candle being blown out."

Who knew that if you get close enough, smoke just looks like sand? Okay, maybe you knew, but I didn't and I find it interesting.

"A few people said you might like my pizza dough."

From dough that looks nothing like dough to dough that looks too much like dough! Too perfect, it's uncanny.

The inside of a toaster.

It looks scarier than expected but also pretty, well, toasty!

"[...] my friends in a torrential downpour."

Rain, you say? They're not stuck in asphalt? Alright, if you're sure.

"[...] a flooded football pitch."

More things wading in water, but this one actually looks like water. The pitch doesn't look like a pitch though, more like some sort of abandoned portal.

"This photo I took that looks like it's on the moon."

If you look in the distance, you can see the rumored moon power lines they've installed so the colonies will have power.

"[...] a Stingray at the Cincinnati Zoo."

Aw! He absolutely doesn't look like a stingray anymore but he is still pretty cute. Chomping on some lettuce, staying healthy, good for him!

"This icicle that looks like a reaching arm."

I don't know what it's reaching for but I'd snap it off before it starts grabbing.

"[...] the sky [in] Los Angeles, California."

Those are clouds? This isn't, like, a snow tunnel? That's...weird.

A super close shot of a needle and thread.

The needle looks right but the thread looked unexpectedly sharp. Like barbed wire, almost.

"[...] Clouds from the wildfire in Colorado."

I accept that this was presented as a photograph but I refuse to believe it isn't a painting. Clouds like that can't be real.

This showing from below Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

Not just your average abstract colors and shapes desktop background. Instead, it's a canyon shot desktop background!

"Vegan bacon looks like the cartoon version of the real thing."

Nah, it's missing the classic wiggly sides. This looks more like...unsettling slices of cake.

"The reflection of our lights in the window look like a UFO."

That's on you for buying a light fixture that's so UFO-like.

This incredibly detailed shot of a blueberry.

Right, a 'blueberry' and not 'alien planet with unique flora and mountain formation.' Sure.

"[...] a snow covered Wheaten Terrier in a Bathtub."

Something about this is a little terrifying. I don't mean to alarm you, but your dog is being eaten by clouds.

"[...] inside my washing machine."

Because of this photo, I was reminded to go turn my laundry over. Thanks!