15+ Normal Scenes That Still Managed To Startle Us For A Second

Have you ever gotten spooked by an inanimate object, or something that's not remotely spook-worthy? There's no shame in it. It happens to all of us...and honestly, it's not that surprising in a world where things are not always the way they might seem.

Nice day at the beach.

Reddit | TheGingerHarris

Let's start things off at the beach, where a doggo is enjoying a run along the sand. If you see some kind of horrifying hellbeast, just adjust your perspective.

The Invisible Man.

Reddit | Dimlymove24

This guy's probably totally unaware of the fact that someone on his daily commute is utterly freaked out by his apparent lack of a head.

Feed me.

Reddit | Jbeurmann

The reality here isn't that there's some kind of alien life form in the water. It's actually just a bunch of fish making pouty faces, which isn't really any less horrifying.

That's quite an arm.

Reddit | Bricerific43

After a brief investigation, I'm fairly certain that the young woman in the red sweater doesn't have a super long arm. I'm still trying to figure out what actually is going on with that arm, though.

Jesus cat.

Cats tend to have a fairly high opinion of themselves, so it isn't too surprising that a cat would position itself as the literal son of God.

Half dogs.

Reddit | __________aEy

At first I thought this was a camera glitch, but then I realized it's two separate dogs. Or maybe just a dog that exists in two parts.

We're going down.

Reddit | Sagelegend

Is this a rusty, sinking ship that's about to slip beneath the waves? No, it's just a cheesecake that's missing a piece.

The void.

Reddit | Xaxos92

I think that's a cat, not a black hole. But black holes sound like nasty business, so I wouldn't want to risk getting any closer and finding out.

Do you even lift?

Reddit | porteboshkutta69

It's kind of embarrassing to see a dog that's more ripped than I'll ever be, but to be fair, he probably gets more exercise

Is that his shadow?

Reddit | robtk12

We all know how this goes: if Rod Stewart poses for an album cover and his shadow looks like a palm tree, there'll be six more weeks of winter.

Front grill problems

Reddit | awesome035

This is either a real-life embodiment of a car that I doodled back in first grade, or it's just a weird effect with the foreground car's side mirror

Her people need her.

Reddit | rossjeffnards

This photo is just too perfect. If you didn't know that gulls weren't this big, you'd swear she was getting carried off by a giant prehistoric bird.

Humanity's had a good run.

Reddit | speedycat2014

When we start seeing giant praying mantises prowling through our cities, I think it's a safe bet that humankind is done for.

Here's looking at you.

Reddit | ____okay

It's a bit jarring to see an apparently full-grown human-sized Lego dude on Zoom, but at least he has a friendly face.

Get in the boat.

Reddit | eeememaa

The guy in the red is apparently in the boat, but it really, really looks like he's standing in the water, pushing the boat along.

Perfectly matched.

Reddit | danruse

Blur your eyes a bit and this looks like an abstract human face. Un-blur your eyes and, well, it still looks like an abstract human face.

Hot dog.

Reddit | aLittleDoubt

The reflection of this dog in the fireplace glass makes this scene look a whole lot more alarming than it really is.

So you've had a bad day.


I don't know if this guy was driving the truck of watermelons, but either way, he's enjoying the fruits of a big mishap.


Reddit | phex85

If these clothes look like a freaky evil spirit in the bright light of day, just imagine how spooky they look in the middle of the night.


Reddit | okbamrheman

Here's an unusually ripped snowman with a fine, chiseled jaw. Too bad he only has one arm. It's also too bad that he's a smoker.