14+ People Who Just Up And Quit

Sometimes people can be pushed to the edge and feel the need to just give up on something, be it a job with an asshat boss, an annoyingly difficult hobby, or anything really.

So, to show off some of the most spectacular ways that some people gave up on stuff, here are 14+ people who just up and quit.

"People at a store at my mall got fed up with the way their manager treated them."

They really gave it to him in this note. You do love to see someone taking a bit of control back in their life and sticking to an asshat boss!

"After the 13th 'C' was stolen, they pretty much just gave up."

Oh wow, Carling and Worthingtons for £2.90! That must be the "I hate my life" special offer!

"The exact moment I gave up on ballet."

Good to see everyone around them laughing. That is the only natural response to seeing someone falling over after all.

Seems Like Joe Had Had Enough!

Something tells me that Joe has been on the edge of snapping for a good while now, and this day was the last straw.

"Life is telling you to give up for today and try again tomorrow."

Sure, your mind will tell you to try another drink as that will surely knock them all down, but that's just what the wily vending machine wants you to think!

"So my friend just sent me her professor's rage quit."

As it turned out, this person went on to write an update saying, "Turns out it was a clever lesson about when a Russian Tsar abandoned his country. Don't worry he isn't an asshole teacher."

"Entire crew quit today at local restaurant."

It is amazing the amount of places that think it is okay to understaff their stores as a hideous way to increase profit. I'm sure that anyone who has ever worked in the service industry will have encountered this at least once!

"Give up!"

"Is this supposed to be a positive message or a negative one?"

"It's either, sort of like is the cup half full or half empty situation!"

"Oh, really?'

"No, it's just telling you that you don't matter, psych!"

"My time has come..."

I'm assuming that the first job they're going to be taking applications for is the job of whoever put this sign up?

"My professor gave up getting his cat off his work during office hours."

Look, Dr Muffins just wants to help out with the research! I don't know if that is the cat's name but I want to imagine that it is, so leave me alone.

"My coworker left this note for our boss today."

Christ, this one sounds more like the police should probably have been involved. Either way, good to get out of that environment!

"My husband's letter of resignation."

Based on this letter, I cannot imagine that their boss will actually expect them to work out those two weeks.

"One of my co-workers quit today. We found this on his desktop."

As satisfying as this probably was, was it really worth it to burn all of their bridges with this place?

"MyFitnessPal just gave up on me..."

Christ, I wish that Duolingo would just give up on me. That little bird is relentless with those notifications.

"What happened here?!?"

This must have been something bloody serious. God I really want to know what happened now!

"Ordered pizza online and went to pick it up..."

At least they left a note. I can just imagine the person who took this picture staring longingly at their pizza waiting for them on the side, unable to claim what is rightfully theirs.

The Post Script Really Hammers The Point Home...

Yeah, it seems like they were pretty much well within their right to drop that f bomb at the end. You can really feel the venom in it, got to love that.

That's One Way To Leave In Style...

I can imagine that this guy must have dreamt about putting a sign this aggressive up for ages, and now he finally has the freedom to do so...for the moment at least.

"My buddy quit his job at the gas station."

I mean, there's no chance that their boss is going to miss this resignation letter, is there? Pretty damn effective.

"So I turned 30 today and my grandma said 'she gave up decorating my cake half way through because it was too much work now that I'm 30.'"

I love that she only got through the process of putting sparkly baubles on the word "Happy" before thinking, "ah, bugger this!"