16+ Awkward Moments We Weren’t Supposed To See

There are some people out there who attract uncomfortable moments like a misfortune magnet. And, for some of these people, the best way to get over them can be to share the moments online and try to laugh through the pain.

So, to make you laugh and want to die in equal measure, here are 16+ awkward moments we weren't supposed to see!

"Please excuse me while I search for a new psychiatrist..."

"So, first of all I think we should maybe talk about why you felt the need to..."

"Is this about the 'peepee poopoo'?"

"I think you know that it is."

"Received an email from the rental company to 'not be alarmed' if we hear workers on the roof this morning. I'm alarmed."

Yeah, I would be alarmed in such an instance as well. I hate it when you find a crack in a window, it's always a fortune to get fixed.

"After all that..."

Damn, this one really hurts. Nothing like having your rejection seen by over 300,000 people to really rub salt in the wound!

"My girlfriend started a new diary today. I got curious and took a glance at it after asking her about it. Something tells me this is a dummy diary."

"Hey, I found your joke diary, very funny!"

"Yeah...joke diary!"


Wow, that's got to sting, Connor. That is so harsh of Melanie, there was no need to be sharing stuff like this and laughing at him for just shooting his shot.

"That awkward moment when your shirt is supposed to say Canada."

Now that is pretty unfortunate! Thankfully she really looks like someone who can take a joke well!


I do not know how the teacher of this class could not see the potential for this to go horrifically wrong.

"Truth comes out in my kid's work book thingy."

This kid is clearly a master of picking his nose on the down low. The person who posted this also said, "It's from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid workbook. It's not a school one," in case anyone was wondering why the kid's school teachers wanted to know this.

You Hate To See It...

Above all, I really feel like he made a weird choice with that emoji selection. That emoji makes it a little creepy really.

"Kids had balloon animals made. Ariel's arms popped and things got awkward."

Yeah, that really isn't the sort of thing that you want floating around at a children's party!

"Billionaire oof..."

This seems like exactly the sort of thing that a definitely stable, rational, and not in any way creepy person like Jeff Bezos would do.

"When a nightclub photographer catches you at a really awkward moment..."

I feel like nightclub photographers have a sixth sense for catching people at the worst possible moment. I know they've caught me in some bad moments before.

"I work in hotel housekeeping, this was found left on a bed: 'Ryan, I hope you slept well, please don't book the trip to LV (Las Vegas). We both know this isn’t working...'"

The fact that she scribbled out "I cannot" in place of "we both know..." suggests that this is perhaps a little more of a one-sided breakup than the latter half of this message suggests.

"Found An Escapee..."

This chicken is really flirting with danger by lurking around under a sign for chicken nuggets, I kind of admire its gall!

"More sad than cringe..."

I'm sure that this really helped his confidence in his own cooking! I'd be back to Mr. Noodles before you could say "knife."

That Poor Lady Wasn't Expecting That...

I love the genuine expression of shock on her face, you can't fake that. She only went in there for some sweets, and left baffled!

"The morning after Halloween is always so awkward."

There's nothing wrong with a guy dressing like a princess if he wants, I think he looks dashing!

"Found this card in a bin in a park. The text says 'you are important to me' in German."

I know that you have to throw cards away eventually, but the idea of someone just binning this card in the park right in front of the person who gave it to them is agonizing.

"My sister found this little nugget at the Goodwill the other day."

It seems like they've found a book detailing someone else's little nuggets by the looks of things. You should never look through someone else's poop journal, that's just poor form!