'Popping Bubbles' Sensory Toys Are The Popular New Trend For Kids

Do you have a child who likes to fidget, or requires a sensory toy? Then trust me when I say that a popping bubble toy may be the best gift you could give them.

Check 'em out!

How cute are these? These are popping bubble toys, and they're so much more than meets the eye.

Made of durable, waterproof silicone, these toys have "bubbles" that can be "popped" out the other side of the toy.

It's perfect for children who have a hard time sitting still.

These toys are soft to hold, and have easy-to-pop bubbles that make a satisfying sound that is not unlike popping bubble wrap! Kids will love how fun and bright the colors are, too!

They come in really cute shapes, too.

Not gonna lie, this pineapple one is definitely my favorite. You can buy it in a sea-themed pack of three for $14, which is an amazing price!

They're washable and reusable, too.

Like this dinosaur one, which can be hand washed and used over and over again! You can get it in a pack of four for $19 on Amazon. Happy popping!

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