Confusing Pictures People Shared That Broke The Internet's Brain

Normally we can get through a strange sight or a trick of the eye and not think much of it. Sometimes, though, these odd trip-ups can lead us to question our surroundings entirely.

From the bizarre to the confusing, this list is full of images that will leave you with far more questions than you started with.

"This building with a door to nowhere in Galena, Illinois."

In case you want a hefty breeze and a constant threat of injury on the second floor.

"I better stop drinking...seeing things."

Actually, you're not seeing things, like a torso or arms.

"This oddly twisted tree."

Not odd, just fashionable, it's like an accessory! A permanent accessory.

"Cruise ship on a truck."

Cruise ships have either gotten way smaller over the years, or being a kid just made them look super big.

"It’s so windy in Saskatchewan Canada today my neighbours grass almost blew away!"

This gives me real The Truman Show vibes. I know grass in sheets like this exists, it just feels like a set-piece.

"What happens when foam filler has a slow leak."

You've already gotten this far, might as well see what happens if you let it keep going!

"Floating child carrier."

What a nice, calm way to find out your child has telekinetic powers.

"Chlorophyll Replica of Sticker."

Every time I learn something new about what plants can do, I'm blown away. How are they not the superior life form on this planet?

"Dog on a beach."

I'm a dog person. Well, I was, but staring at this picture too long might have ruined that.

"This tree root feature."

I've watched enough nature documentaries and fantasy movies to know that is some sort of animal or creature that will eat me if I step too close.

"Zeus, Supreme Ruler of Mount Olym-Puss."

He looks down upon us with disdain, viewing humanity as wretched compared to cat-gods such as he.

"Just a friendly neighborhood sloth."

If all outdoor equipment looked this friendly, maybe I'd exercise more.

"This is at the the view from my bed, I’m not sure I can sleep."

Yeah, that bag is absolutely possessed. Possessed and devious.

Bumper Kiss.

There's some edgy caption to be made here about finding love in destruction or something like that.

"The shadow of my chimney makes me look like Lord Farquad."

So, an upgrade then? Surely?

"[A] hand for a leg."

This man saw how monkeys still have prehensile toes and decided to evolve backwards just a little bit to get those back.

"Building paint is the same as the sky almost!"

Are you sure that's it and the building isn't just fading away right in front of you? You can never be too careful.

"These throw pillows look fake, almost like a poorly done photoshop work, but it’s just how they reflected the light."

This looks like every Amazon listing for pillows, the same picture with different patterns pasted on as if that looks natural.

"The simulated night sky on a red eye flight."

I wish the night sky actually looked like that. This is pretty, though and would be so soothing during overnight flights!

"The ice that fell from the roof looks perfectly like a bird perched on a branch."

Finally, elemental fantasy animals are finally starting to show up! That ought to mix things up a little bit.

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