17+ Discoveries People Are Going To Remember For A Long Time

Like pirates hunting on the open seas, sometimes we stumble across something that feels like a treasure to us, even if it's entirely worthless to others.

From strange reactions to unique finds, truly anything can become special to us! Like the ones found on this list of discoveries that people will remember for a long time.

"There is a house near me that looks like it’s out of a fairytale."

Pretty as it is, be careful it's not a witch who lives in there. Looks can be deceiving, after all.

"Cleaned my copper sink with vinegar and sea salt. A few hours later these salt crystals grew on the rag I used to dry it."

This feels like something I would do over and over just because it's so cool. Sure, I'll lose a few rags along the way but it's a worthy sacrifice.

"This toothbrush."

What? No. That's so unsettling to look at. Who would do this? For what purpose?

"Stray bullet hit my door handle."

Sure you could get it repaired but if the door still works, why not keep it around for a fun little story?

"Firewood takes a break to read about camping."

Firewood has loads of free time between being cut and being used, it might as well develop a hobby!

"Audio [sic] A8 with a plow, the Plaudi."

If they're so dedicated that they got a vanity plate for it, it's gotta work pretty well! A Plaudi for the people!

"My potato chip came with roots."

Realistically, I know this isn't dangerous or anything, but I still wouldn't eat it. Looks too much

"While hiking an isolated jungle trail in the Amazon, we came across this post marking the equator."

You mean it isn't a giant line painted on the ground all around the world? Damn.

"The ice that fell from the roof looks perfectly like a bird perched on a branch."

That's impressive and the fact that a tiny branch caught a chunk of ice is impressive. A two for one special.

"First time I have ever seen a light with a U turn symbol."

How many people go too far down this road for them to think this was necessary?

"This Chiropractor's mailbox is a [vertebral] column."

It's definitely kitschy, but it's also...kind of upsetting. It feels better suited for a family-friendly haunted house around Halloween.

"This ridiculously small lip balm my SO got from the dentist."

Finally, a lip balm I might be able to finish before losing it!

"A humpback whale jaw I found this weekend in New England."

A super cool ending to this find, the uploader described what happened next, "[...] me and my buddies contacted the local authorities on marine mammals, who claimed the bone under a federal permit from the NOAA.

"Now it will be on display for children to learn and climb on, instead of being washed back into the ocean! Total win!"

"Imprint left behind when truck was dug out after an avalanche."

That snow was packed if it left that detailed of an impression. You could cast a whole new truck out of resin with that.

"Here's the cement inside of a standard school and office tape dispenser."

There's cement in tape dispensers?! That's why they're so heavy? But...why?

"A comically long pumpkin my friend harvested today."

Calling this a pumpkin would be a stretch but then again, this pumpkin sure is stretched.

"Saw this on my run last night."

Cool. Time to never run that same path ever again.

"British Military Intelligence Listening Device Found in Derry, [Northern] Ireland."

At least you know it's not listening anymore! At least, you hope so.

"18 days and counting of temps below freezing. [Where'd] this guy even come from??"

He's the insect equivalent of those guys who wear shorts in the middle of winter.

"Discovered a nice honeycomb in a wall when I pulled down some siding."

If that honeycomb was still housing bees it probably would have been way less nice. But it's not, so cool!

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