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10+ Times Celebs Gave Us A Throwback To Their Famous Roles

Who doesn't love a good throwback? Nostalgia is the fuel that feeds our memories and sometimes it can be fun to have a gander at what once was.

That's why I've gone and compiled 10+ times that celebs gave us a throwback to their most famous roles. Clearly, these characters mean just as much to them as they do to us.

Kyla Pratt dressed her daughter as Penny from *The Proud Family* for Halloween.

@kylapratt / Disney

Kyla Pratt was the voice of Penny on the original animated series. Color me impressed because the costume is spot-on.

Everything right down to Penny's socks and shoes is accounted for.

Jake Thomas is pouring one out for the *Lizzie Maguire* reboot that never ended up happening.

TikTok | jakethomas / Disney

Does anyone else just think this picture is wrong? There's no possible way that Jake is of legal age to consume alcohol!

If that were the case, then that would make me...never mind.

Bart Johnson went back in time and channeled Coach Bolton from *High School Musical*.

TikTok | bart_johnson / Disney

I love good attention to detail because the little things matter! Take a look at the desk lamp on Bart's desk, and the lone basketball sitting on the rack over his shoulder.

That right there is what you call commitment to a bit.

Keke Palmer danced her heart out to the theme song of *True Jackson V.P.*.

TikTok | KeekthaSneak / MTV

Not only did KeKe dance along, but she also clearly hinted at a reboot.

Could 2021 be the year that Ms. Jackson makes her triumphant return? Let's hope so.

Paul Butcher, who played Dustin on *Zoey 101* is all grown up.

TikTok | paulbutcher / Nickelodeon

Put down that wine, Paul!

Holy smokes — Dustin really glowed up. And how did he manage to go from a toe-headed tween to a brunette? I'm not mad, I'm just curious.

Kim Rhodes made a hilarious throwback to *The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody*, where she discussed what it's like being a Disney mom.

TikTok | kimrhodes4you

It's difficult when the only man who ever truly loved you leaves you for a mop. A lament that Kim Rhodes knows all too well.

Still, at least she isn't a CW mom.

Anna Maria Perez De Taigle from *Camp Rock* recreated an iconic moment.

TikTok | annamariapdtk / Disney

When Anna Maria said "Your lipgloss is so not glossy anymore," that was like the Disney version of telling someone to go [expletive] themselves.

I still get chills watching it back.

Bree Tanner really sunk her teeth into this homage to *The Twilight Saga: Eclipse*.

TikTok | Jodelle Ferland / Summit Entertainment

Where did Bree manage to find those contacts? They can't be the same ones, can they?

If so, I certainly hope she gave them a good wash. Even for a vampire, 10-year-old eye gunk can't be good for you.

Debby Ryan wants you to remember *Radio Rebel*.

TikTok | debbyryan / Disney

How could anyone forget Radio Rebel? Those memes were positively savage.

During her memorable TikTok throwback, Debby pays tribute to a number of her iconic characters. But this one is by far the best.

Cassie Steele, who played Manny Santos on *Degrassi*, knows how to buss it

@cassandrasteele / CTV

I remember when it was considered a fashion-forward statement for women and young girls to wear their underwear in this manner but I never understood why.

It looks like the most painful front-wedgie I've ever seen.

Brian Stepanek joined TikTok and immediately stepped into character.

TikTok | brianstepanek / Disney

There has never been a greater name in all of fiction than Arwin Hawkhauser. i was never a huge fan but Brian definitely helped to make The Suite Life of Zack and Cody watchable.

I could sit and watch him dance all day long.

Christopher McDonald from *Happy Gilmore* is still a master of the short game.

Facebook | The Score / Universal Pictures

Recently, Adam Sandler posted a video driving the golf ball like Happy Gilmore in celebration of the film's 25th anniversary.

In response, Chris McDonald drained a putt in his living room while channeling Shooter McGavin.

It turns out that Marnie's outfit from *Halloweentown II* still fits perfectly on Kimberly J. Brown!

TikTok | officialkimberlyjbrown / Disney

That's pretty spectacular if you ask me. I recently found an old jacket from high school and when I went to try it on, let's just say the results weren't as happy as Kimberly's experience was.

It looks like Kyle Massey from *Cory In The House* finally left the house.

TikTok | kylemassy / Disney

Kyle's video is a perfect commentary on the quarantine lockdown blues.

I'd all but forgotten that this show even existed. Did anyone else watch Cory in the House growing up?

Christa B. Allen went all out for this homage to *13 Going On 30*.

TikTok | christaallen / Sony Pictures

Christa played the young version of Jenna in 13 Going on 30, and of all the throwbacks on the list, hers is my favorite.

How do you just happen to have a dress like that? I need to know.