Brothers Turn Old Wooden Pallets Into Stunning Parquet Flooring

Do you enjoy DIY home renos? I have to admit I am yet to embark on one. However, I do love watching other people tackle such projects. I feel like I'm taking mental notes for that time I do one myself, ha, ha!

So when I saw these two brothers transform some flooring using reclaimed pallets, I was floored — pun intended.

Charlie Jack and Harry Wright are brothers who are both handy guys.

Charlie is a carpenter and a joiner, and Harry is an upholsterer. They teamed up to create the most beautiful flooring you probably wouldn't think of doing yourself.

And get this, they made the flooring using old wooden pallets.

We're talking about a great use of old materials, huh? They put an ad in the Bury St. Edmunds community notice board asking for pallets and ended up getting a load for free.

The pair documented their journey in an Instagram story.

They used around 50 pallets, which they cut between the nail points to save time. In addition to that, they also used loads of pins and instant grab glue from Screwfix.

The overall technique was quite complicated.

First, the brothers had to figure out where to lay the borders. Then, they worked out the inside measurements. After that, they divided the difference to find out the board size needed to make a 45-degree parquet pattern.

Wow, my head is spinning just writing that, ha, ha!

After cutting down the pallets, they had to check them for nails. Then, they put them through the planer thicknesser to create a uniform depth. Finally, they cut each tile to the specified length.

After all that, the brothers pinned the pallets.

Then they glued down their design before polishing and oiling the finished product. They still need to do more polishing to make it look perfect. However, the hardest part of it all was the initial planning.

Other challenges included working out the distances, size of the tiles, and angles.

I can imagine that. Their advice to anyone embarking on a project like this is to have sharp blades and knee pads! Ha, ha! You can say that again.

I bet all that hard work was worth it when they feasted their eyes on the final result.

Now they only need to install an oak railway sleeper as the mantel in the room. I bet when it all comes together, it's going to look fabulous.

What do you think of this project and these handy brothers?

Would you embark on making something as ambitious as this? I have to admit I'm pretty impressed. I don't think I could do this myself, but I would pay for somebody to do it, hee, hee!

h/t Daily Star