16+ Pics That Have 'Yikes' Written All Over Them

If you're sitting comfortably right now, killing time on your phone or laptop, take a moment to be thankful for your current situation. You could be in the kind of predicament that gets featured in these lists instead.

I'll just stick to normal camping.

Reddit | pang-zorgon

I'm sure this can be done safely. I'm sure it provides awesome views. I'm more sure than anything that I never, ever want to try this.

Slanted scaffolding.

Reddit | Svanvi

If you're working on a weird slanted wall, only weird slanted scaffolding will do the job...even if it doesn't look remotely secure.

Just toss it in.

Reddit | eek95

Yes, that's a dumpster, suspended precariously from a crane, directly over a bunch of cars. Hopefully the people above the dumpster have good aim.

What my office power outlet looks like.

Reddit | ChatnNaked

Well, my outlet isn't this bad, but I think we all understand what it's like to keep adding one more plug until things are a total mess.

Wait until spring.

Reddit | vzakharov

This is kind of a nightmare scenario for anyone who drives a compact car in a cold climate. Eventually it'll touch the pavement again.


Reddit | KotAufmBrot

You know, those tie-downs can only do so much. I'm not sure they're designed for strapping cars to trucks to other trucks.

Almost there.

Reddit | th2ndchmst

This is, in one picture, why architects need to think carefully about where they put lighting fixtures.

Prop it up.

Reddit | usgaap

If your car's hood has lost its propper-upper thing, don't worry. All you need is an AK-47 to take its place.

Gotta get the right angle.

Reddit | maln0ir

I don't know anything about welding, so I'll defer to this guy who clearly knows exactly what he's doing here.

A long way down.

Reddit | 9999monkeys

It makes sense that a super tall ladder would be needed to install an AC unit on a tall building, but this freaks me out regardless.

Choo choo.

Reddit | bxqtsar

This is a nice way to repurpose old materials, but it still looks like the most cursed playground imaginable.

This is the railing.

Reddit | Bobone2121

This temporary railing is such a tripping hazard that it's literally more dangerous than having no railing at all.

What's OSHA?

Reddit | F1nn_H

This guy's using a table saw upside-down while wearing no safety equipment whatsoever. I'm sure it ended well, though.

Better find another way.

Reddit | Miglo

Fire exits are designed to provide a fast way out of a building. It's too bad that all of that can be nullified with a single chair.

Don't look down.

Reddit | BuckSaguaro

If you've ever wondered what it looks like to be perched more than a thousand feet in the air, here you go.

Bentley tank.

Reddit | TheGenerousHuman

I'm sure this vehicle is great for off-roading, but I kind of doubt that it's street legal. Maybe in Russia.

That doesn't sound good.

Reddit | Bubble-O-Thrill

It's nice of the IT department to offer this helpful sign, but I'd be hesitant to work anywhere near a hot burning smell.

"Went to go take a sip of my tea..."

Reddit | GucciCode

As someone who drinks tea like it's going out of style, I've just found a new phobia to add to my list.

Like the end of Fargo.

I don't see any possible downside of putting your whole body, head-first, into an industrial-grade woodchipper to get something dislodged.

A little campfire.

Reddit | Urgullibl

This trucker has made a fire to warm up jellied diesel. I guess I'll defer to their judgment, but yikes.

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