Parents Online Praise Mom Who Serves Dinner And Dessert At The Same Time

How do you tackle your kids eating habits? Do you have it all under control? If you do, kudos to you.

However, if you struggle with this issue, you should take a note from this mom's playbook. She came up with such a useful idea that all parents should consider. Read on to find out what she does during dinner time.

Let me ask you something: how do you get your kids to finish their dinner?

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Do you try to entice them with dessert afterward? As it turns out, this typical behavior may not actually be the best solution for your kids.

Instead, this one mom shared her food hack with her TikTok audience recently.

And needless to say, it struck a chord with fellow parents. Get this — what she does is offer dessert with her kids' dinner at the same time! Say what?

Are you shocked or what?

Wow, would you ever think of doing something like that? I've got to say that's one strategy I haven't heard of yet. I'm really interested to know her reasoning behind it all. What about you?

Let me point out she stresses that the dessert needs to be a child's portion.

So it's not a full-on dessert like a big bowl of ice cream. It's more like just one cookie. Do you get what I'm saying?

Her reasoning behind the idea is that no food should be considered good or bad.

When you give a child broccoli to eat and then promise them ice cream, they will view the broccoli as bad. That's not a good idea.

Instead, you want your kids to develop healthy relationships with their food.

It also allows them to develop their own eating cues. They won't overeat or under-eat to save room for that treat. Do you see where this is going?

Judging from the comments she received on her video a lot of people agree with this strategy.

In fact, some even pointed out that it makes a lot of sense to do this, and that they will start doing it with their kids.

A dental hygienist even chimend in that serving dessert with dinner also helps to minimize cavity risk.

Did you know that? I certainly didn't. I suppose it's because other food and perhaps its acidity will help alleviate the sweetness of the dessert. Hmm, interesting.

So what do you think of this idea?

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Would you, as a parent, try this out? I think it's definitely worth it. After all, it's not going to diminish dinner time at all. Your kids may enjoy it a lot more in the end.