Marriage Quotes For Couples With Their Own Definitions Of 'Romance'

Contrary to popular romantic comedies and hyped-up jewelry commercials, romance is expressed differently for all couples.

Marriage isn't easy, and sometimes the most romantic gestures aren't as glamorous as others may expect, but they are indeed the stuff of lasting love.

Plus, we can't think of anything more romantic than binge-watching good-bad TV with bae.

1. This one is for those who find some uninterrupted "wine down time" romantic.

Sometimes all you want is a glass of wine without having to do a damn thing for anyone else. In fact, when someone takes care of things to give you some peace, it may as well be the equivalent to all the diamonds and rubies in the world.

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2. At this point, the slightest effort is like poetry.

It's true, for many, years of marriage doesn't always equate to bouquets and saucy date nights. There are some that don't quite spark the way they once did, but they've got a new spark that kind recognizes that the other person is at least kind of still trying.

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3. Here's a quote for those that don't know if it's love, fear or a bit of both.

There comes a point in many marriages in which motive becomes a little foggy and one person is just grateful to be left alone. Sometimes we're afraid of how hubby will react, other times wifey needs an extra hour to get ready, and it's best to err on the side of caution.

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4. This one reminds us that romance isn't just upscale dinners.

Sometimes, quite frankly, the sexiest thing is to have a lazy day and eat junk while cuddling bae. It's all about Netflix and your favorite delivery app, not a 5-star restaurant and a dress that's too uncomfortable to get into.

Let us know in the comments if any of these quotes resonate with you.

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