Quotes About Marriage That Belong In The Wedding Album

Caitlyn Clancey 19 Feb 2021

I know married life can get a little...well, let's be honest here, stale sometimes. But that's alright because we'll always have plenty of hilarious marriage quotes to help get you laughing and liven things up again!

Honestly, there's nothing we love more than sitting down with a tall glass of the good stuff and chuckling at the kind of quotes that remind us we're not alone — there are others out there who are going through exactly what we're going through.

And to them we simply say, "cheers."

1. Somehow this hasn't worked yet. But I'll keep trying.

Maybe 300 isn't the right number. Maybe I need to start shooting for 400 casual mentions of the same one task to really get the message across to him.

Will try this and report back later.

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2. It's so wrong, but he looked so proud afterwards.

I love when he takes initiative to do something like that. But I'm so picky and particular about how things are done, I can't help but wonder why he didn't load it back-to-front, or why the utensils aren't facing downwards, or why he thought the expensive cast iron skillet needed to go in the dish washer.

But, you know, also thank you very much for trying.

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3. As long as he doesn't go to the TV right after the dog and skip you entirely, you're fine.

I've come to accept that I will always be greeted second when he comes home. Do I think he sounds significantly less excited when he moves on from his 10-minute hello with the dog to give me a brief "hi"? Yes, I do. But I'm just going to pretend that doesn't happen.

Isn't that what marriage is all about?

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4. That's cause for divorce right there.

I'm sorry, but if after so many years of being legally wedded you think I want raisins in my frozen, late-night, hide-from-the-kids snack, then I don't think you know me very well at all.

If it's between raisins or no ice cream, then I guess we're not having ice cream. It's as simple as that.

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