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Siberian Huskies 'Adopt' Rescue Cat Into Their Pack: 'They're All Good Friends'

Caitlyn Clancey 19 Feb 2021

Bringing any animal into a home that already has pets can be a gamble, but it's especially risky if they happen to be from two completely different (and historically opposing) animal species.

I am, of course, talking about cats and dogs here.

Thanks to this idea that's drilled into our heads early on in life, we grow up firmly believing that cats have no interest in associating with dogs, and vice versa. But one unique pack of Siberian huskies is changing the way we think about this pairing after they "adopted" a sweet little rescue kitty into their club and accepted her as one of their own.

Meet Lilo, Infinity, and Miko.

As ABC News reported, these Siberian beauties all belong to one family in San Jose, California. Thao Buni and her sisters are proud pet parents to Lilo and Infinity, while their cousins, who just live down the road from them, own the handsome pup known as Miko.

This group was certainly happy being a simple trio of tail-wagging, tongue-lolling dog friends. But little did they know they would soon be adding a fourth member to their crew, one who looks just a bit different than they do.

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In May 2015, Bui and her sisters came across Rosie, a 3-week-old kitty who was in desperate need of medical attention.

As Bui told ABC News, the poor kitten was "malnourished, lethargic and dying."

"We took a chance and put her with Lilo, and Lilo really saved her life," Bui continued. "Lilo never left Rosie's side for hours. She cuddled her and comforted her until she was better and ready to finally drink from a bottle."

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In no time at all, little Rosie bonded to her surrogate mama, Lilo, and quickly began looking to the elder dog for guidance.

Which essentially means she began doing everything she saw Lilo do.

"When she saw Lilo and the dogs went outside to potty, she started doing the same," Bui said. "When they were leashed to go on walks, [Rosie] wanted to be leashed and to come along too."

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Once they realized how well Lilo and Rosie got along, Bui and her family began slowly introducing the kitten to the other dogs as well.

Incredibly, the other huskies followed Lilo's lead and welcomed little Rosie with open arms.

"Rosie is now a part of the pack," Bui said. "Since Lilo is their leader, Infinity and Miko just accepted her, and now they're all good friends."

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Now that the pack is complete, these four buddies do just about everything together.

They go on walks together, eat together, drink together, take car rides together, and even nap together.

They've truly become an inseparable herd of fur-babies.

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Since Rosie was adopted into the crew at such a young age, she's adopted a lot of similar behaviors from her husky siblings.

"We go on a lot of road trips, and we recently took Rosie kayaking and paddle-boating with us," Bui said. "She's not afraid at all, and as long as Lilo is there, she knows everything is going to be OK."

Looks like Rosie's become an honorary husky! If you want to keep up with this sweet pack of buddies, make sure to follow them on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

h/t: ABC News

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