Kendall Jenner Accused Of Cultural Appropriation After Starting Tequila Brand

The Kardashian-Jenners are no strangers to accusations of cultural appropriation. Although, usually the claims come from either their hairstyle or skin tone, and not from a business venture announcement.

Kendall Jenner has broken from this tradition after receiving tons of backlash online for her new brand, 818 Tequila.

Kendall Jenner has been the center of controversy more than once in her life.

In fact, her whole family has.

Between what some people believe are tone-deaf posts, photoshopped photos, and the many run-ins with cultural appropriation, it's hard for them to stay out of the drama.

For example, the time that she made the very controversial decision to wear cornrows.

Obviously, a lot of people had a lot of thoughts about it.

Cornrows are a braided hairstyle that's common within the Black community to style and care for afro-textured hair types, which have historically dealt with discrimination and prejudice.

As opposed to Caucasian hair types like Kendall's, which have always been widely accepted.

Kendall never ended up talking about her decision to wear them.

People weren't exactly surprised about that, but they were definitely disappointed that Jenner didn't have anything to say.

All that to say, Kendall Jenner knows controversy.

And she finds herself at the center of another one now! Seems like people are always just waiting for the next Kardashian-Jenner drama.

Kendall recently announced she had started a tequila brand, 818 Tequila.

"For almost 4 years i’ve been on a journey to create the best tasting tequila."

"after dozens of blind taste tests, trips to our distillery, entering into world tasting competitions anonymously and WINNING... 3.5 years later i think we’ve done it!" Kendall shared on Instagram.

The name 818 refers to the area code for Calabasas, where Kendall lives.

Fans began accusing Kendall of appropriating Mexican culture.

"It could have been any other white woman from a wealthy area profiting off of Latinx culture. My point is they claim the 818 when it benefits them, but do they claim what’s real?" tweeted one Twitter user.

Others felt that the business was less about passion for tequila and more about making money.

In fact, many felt that way.

"I do firmly believe Kardashians/jenners are culture vultures. So there’s that. They tend to appropriate a lot of things."

They continued:

"And I’m not one to jump to “cultural appropriation” but they do be doing it lol I highly doubt Kendall has any knowledge behind the [culture] of tequila," tweeted one fan.

Then there are some of course that don't see any issue whatsoever.

So as you can see, Kendall definitely has people on her side of the line who are backing her up (or at least acknowledging that she can do whatever she wants).

Some even pointed out that she isn't the only one who is making tequila.

So, obviously, you can see that there is some controversy around the fact.

People are digging their heels in on both sides, but as of right now, Kendall hasn't responded to any of the backlash.

What do you think?

Is Kendall Jenner's tequila brand cultural appropriation, or do you think it's simply another business venture for the family?

Let us know how you feel in the comments section below!