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Uhh, Paris Hilton's Ex-Boyfriend Covered Up Her Tattoo With A Huge Gorilla

When it comes to love, one of the things you might have "no ragrets" about is getting a tattoo for your boo.

Well, as Paris Hilton's ex, Chris Zylka, just proved, it most certainly leads to some regrets since he just had her tattoo covered up with a huge gorilla...

Love can make you do some crazy things.

Like actually sharing your fries with them you love or letting them have more room on the bed.

All during the honeymoon stage, of course.

Or, you know, getting a tattoo for them that you think you'll never regret.


That's because nine times out of 10, you will be left with a very awkward reminder of your ex...

Such is the case for Paris Hilton's ex, Chris Zylka, who clearly regrets the tattoo he got for her.

So much so that he just got it covered up with a huge gorilla!

Thanks to this awkward fail, he has joined the ranks of other celebs who regret their tattoos.

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Like Ariana Grande, for example, who tried to get "7 Rings” tattoed in Japanese characters on her palm.

Instead, she ended up with "tiny charcoal grill."


She ended up getting the tattoo slightly fixed and said she even missed the wrong version.

Another celeb to regret their tattoo is "The Big Bang Theory's" Kaley Cuoco.

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During her and her ex's whirlwind romance that ended in divorce, Kaley got a tattoo of their wedding date in Roman numerals.

After their divorce, she covered up the tattoo with a huge insect.

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On Instagram, she said that it's of an insect, whose “deep, meaningful, larger than life meaning” was to “cover the last one."

On a separate post, she wrote: “note to self- do not mark your body with any future wedding dates #under30mistakes #donttakeyourselftooseriouslykids."

BTW in case you forget who Chris is, he's an actor on "The Leftovers".

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They were super in love for a while, evident by photos of them macking on each other pretty much everywhere.

The pair even got engaged on a snowy mountaintop in Aspen.

He gave her a 20-carat pear-shaped engagement ring, which practically took up her whole hand.

But a month before their engagement ended, a source told E! that they weren't acting like a couple.

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"It was just awkward," another source said. "No affection."

Beyond being part of the long list of Paris Hilton's exes, he's one the only ones to have gotten a tattoo in her honor.

According to TMZ, he needed the Paris tattoo gone since he was filming an upcoming Netflix film.

He also admitted that it was time to get rid of the Paris tat.

According to a source, it took about six hours to complete.

He agot the ape since it's his favorite animal.

Here's what it looks like now:

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To get it done, he went to Winston Tsai, a tattoo artist in Toronto.

If you're curious about the Disney theme, it was connected to their romance seeming like a Disney fairy tale.

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When talking about what went wrong in their relationship to The Talk, she said, "I've always been obsessed with Disney stories and love stories, and I thought it was gonna be my happy ending, and I just realized after time that it wasn't the right decision."

We wonder what Paris thinks about being replaced by a gorilla.

Probably "that's hot."