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12+ Fun Surprises Just Waiting To Be Noticed

Some folks out there are on a mission to spread joy, but they're not exactly rubbing it into everyone's faces. They're just kind of adding things in that ought to put a smile on your face when you notice them.

Here are some of the things people stopped to check out, and were rewarding with a nice, fun surprise.

If you eat at the Eiffel Tower, you can spear your food on an Eiffel Tower fork.

Reddit | birketa

A nice, fitting design, that took some imagination. But you have to think a lot of people turn them into souvenirs, right?

Visitors to this house who look on the side of the steps are rewarded with a robot face.

Reddit | VeegePeege

I love that this artwork is on display for the whole neighborhood — or at least those who notice it.

Sometimes reading the tag pays off.

Reddit | neogeodude

Leaving Easter Eggs with good advice — and surely we can all agree that you shouldn't slap pandas — might just get more folks to read their washing instructions, if not actually following them.

Well that's something you don't see in many kitchens.

Reddit | TheRedGeradir

It's a well that goes down about 25 feet and connects to a small river below. Also, quite the conversation starter!

Okay, it's not to hard to notice that this elevator has a "shuffle" button.

Reddit | sminkybang

I would imagine it just takes you to a random floor, which is a new and different way to meet your neighbors.

The smiley face on this elevator is a little more subtle.

Reddit | Pancakesandcows

Apparently it's not hooked up to anything, but hey, it doesn't have to be functional to be fun.

Part of the fun of Airbnbs is finding the odd and unusual touches to someone else's house.

Reddit | tinyclap

Like finding that someone has framed scenes of Bill Murray as Big Ernie McCracken in Kingpin.

So simple, and so effective.

Reddit | Totaladdictgaming

Just adding a hair tie to a tuft of grass is kind of a brilliant piece of whimsy.

This keyboard has a couple of buttons that you don't see everywhere: Oops and Please.

Reddit | User348844

It's apparently a board that controls light shows, and I really want to see what happens when you push them.

I really hope this Jeep has Jurassic Park paint on the outside.

Reddit | bone_burrito

But even if it doesn't, this like dino-rama in the dash is still dino-mite.

Why does this inflatable cow have a map of Italy on it?

Reddit | burmalon

Maybe it's just recycled stuff, but even if it wasn't done on purpose, I still like it.

Well, there are worse ways to react to an accident.

Reddit | iceman92066

Not sure I would want to be sucking red wine off the side of the road, but love the attitude all the same.

One of the bunkers at the 15th hole at this golf course looks like Snoopy.

Reddit | kevgibbs

Hard to imagine it's a complete coincidence, but I wonder if it's actually a planned tribute to Charles Schultz. He did have a lot of fans out there, after all.

I like to think this will be me one day.

Reddit | uwotm81012002

Just enjoying the fresh air on a park bench and finding ways to annoy fishermen. Good times.

This white picket fence has a cool twist.

Reddit | dank_memed

The top of each slat is curved to match the swoop of the house's roof. Nice touch!

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