10+ Wedding Dresses For Brides Who Want A Pop Of Color

A white wedding dress is synonymous with a traditional wedding. But it doesn't really have to be the only option. There are many brave and adventurous brides out there who choose to wear a brightly colored dress instead.

So if you're looking for something different why not get some inspiration from these awesome brides.

1. Something Blue

You know that saying "something borrowed, something blue"? Well, looks like this bride took that very literally when she opted for this all blue wedding dress. Fabulous.

2. Pretty in Pink

How stunning does this bride look in her beautiful pink and white wedding dress? This dress is such a stand-out. I'm loving this idea.

3. Fluid Painting Dress

So apparently this wedding dress was inspired by a fluid painting and I can't believe how amazing it looks. This dress is a knockout.

4. Peek-a-boo Dress

You can have your cake and eat it too. This bride still opted for a white dress but with a twist. This peek-a-boo flower effect is brilliant.

5. Embroidered Dress

Not only did this bride go with the less traditional color of her wedding dress but she accented it with such beautiful embroidery. How absolutely lovely.

6. Stripped Gown

Talking about an unusual wedding dress idea. I don't think I've ever seen a bride going for a stripped wedding dress. And in such bold color. Wow.

7. Forest Fairy

If a themed wedding is what you're looking for this gorgeous dress will have you looking like a forest fairy. This is so enchanting and pretty.

8. Stunning Ombré Effect

If making a statement is what you're looking for on your wedding day look no further than this. How amazing is this ombré wedding dress?

9. Lady In Red

I have to admit that red is a color I'm not always comfortable with. But looks like this bride is bold enough to pull it off.

10. Boho Queen

Instagram | @letsfrolictogether

There's something so cool about a boho wedding down to the gorgeous wedding dress. This one looks so light and airy. I'm really digging this.

11. Flower Child

Did someone say flowers? Oh yes, they did. Wow, looks like this bride can't get enough of them. And even the groom got on board with it.

12. Dip-Dye Skirt

There's just something about the way this skirt transforms from shades of lilac to a deep plum that is so breathtaking. And her bouquet matches perfectly!

13. Rainbow Petticoat

Here's another bride who wore a white dress and added color by dyeing the petticoat and underskirts. Brilliant idea!

14. Low-Key Color

This dress' pink and blue embellishments add just the right amount of color for a low-key bride. Perfect for a winter wedding, don't you think?

15. Out Of A Fairy Tale

This dreamy dress with hues of purple and blue looks perfect for a princess, or a unique bride.

16. Matching Set

I absolutely adore this bride's pink dress, but I love that her groom matched her in a pink suit as well. What a perfect pink pair.

17. Golden Goddess

Gold wedding dresses are quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to white. It's easy to see why with a stunning dress like this.

18. Beachy And Blue

If you're having a beach wedding, go all out with your theme and pick a pale blue gown. This is a great shade for winter or summer weddings.

19. Vibrant Orange

For a bride who really wants to stand out, you can't go wrong with a hot orange number like this dress. You'll be sure to make a statement on your big day.

20 Lovely Lavender

This lavender gown has just a hint of color and is a great option for a bride who loves traditional styles, but wants something different.

21. Yellow Gradient Idea

I absolutely love how this bride added a stunning yellow gradient effect to the bottom of her wedding dress. It works beautifully with her flowers.

22. Subtle Hues

If white is not your thing, there are so many other options when it comes to wedding dresses. I love this subtle yet colorful number.

Okay, so I'm starting to warm up to the whole non-white wedding dress idea.

If only all the dresses weren't so beautiful. It makes the decision so much harder.

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