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6+ Ways Women Around The World Deal With Their Period

When you reach the age of menarche, your whole life changes. Soon, at least once a month, you have to find your own routine of how you handle Aunt Flow.

For many of us in developed countries, it's quite common to use tampons and sanitary pads. But this isn't the case for everyone in the world — we don't all have access to these menstrual care means, and all deal with periods in a different way.

Cotton Cloth

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Saba, from Pakistan, uses a piece of cloth from old clothes as a sanitary pad, as she can't afford to purchase other menstrual product options.

This is unfortunately the case for many women around the world.

Cow Dung

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Many Zimbabwean women use cow patties to absorb blood during their menstrual cycle.

Limpo, from Zambia, wraps it in a cloth and says that it actually soaks up a lot of blood. While this is not her preferred method, it's the best option she has available to her.

Goatskin Skirt

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Lepera Joyce from Uganda uses a goatskin skirt. She says it's a traditional sanitary pad where she's from, but it's also always available.


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An IUD (Intrauterine Device) is a type of contraception, but is also used to treat heavy periods.

They can help lighten periods and reduce cramping, which is exactly what I feel like I need right at this moment.

Lint Cotton

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Doris from Zambia uses lint cotton for her flow. She also explained that she doesn't partake in any strenuous activity, like sports or even playing with her friends.

Tampons And Pads

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These have always been conventional options for use among women who have easy access to them.

However, they produce a lot of environmental waste, especially if they're not disposed of properly. According to the Women's Environmental Network, tampons, pads, and pantyliners produce more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year!

Reusable Menstrual Products

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And that's exactly why many woman have made the switch to more eco-friendly reusable options, like menstrual cups and reusable sanitary cloth pads.

These can be reused for many years, and once you get used to it, they're not so bad!

Although many of us women may take care of our monthly visitor differently, one thing we have in common about them is that we all deal with them.

And the fact that we bleed from our uterus every month and still get work done makes us powerful AF.

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