10+ Times People Made Thrift Store Art Into Something Awesome

Have you ever stumbled upon an art piece in a thrift store that you thought would make a great canvas for your own creativity? I can't say I have ever thought of that. But turns out this is actually a thing.

People are buying old art and repurposing it with their own artful style, and their creations are really interesting.

1. A Darker Turn

Reddit | MXLXTXV

Whoa looks like this artist took things a little bit darker than the original painter. Not sure where that rage is coming from, but okay.

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2. Sea Monster

Reddit | maimee78

What can you do with an ugly thrift store painting? Why not add a sea monster to it? Now that's much better. So much more action.

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3. Iron Giant Fix

Ha, ha! This is such a fun recreation of an otherwise just a plain scenery picture. I bet now it's a great conversation piece. So fun.

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4. Monster Art

OMG, how cool is this picture? The person who repainted this is a really good artist. This is giving me all the good feels.

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5. A Spooky Visitor

There is something really eerie about this art piece. Isn't it? It's giving me all the right kind of spooky feelings. I wish I owned it.

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6. Swamp Thing

Reddit | AchtungKarate

Isn't this the perfect canvas to insert a swamp creature into? I think it is. It literally looks like it was there all along. So cool.

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7. Death Star Reference

Reddit | Protonpakr

Looks like some people have a thing for buying old vintage paintings and inserting a modern-day pop culture references into it. What a great idea.

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8. Robot Helper

Speaking of Star Wars here's another fun art piece that was repurposed as an ode to their favorite movie. Looks like R2D2 fits right in.

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9. A Hopping Place

Reddit | namdaman5601

This old, $5 thrift store painting surely comes alive with this modern style interpretation. I think I like this version much better. What do you think?

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10. Run Away Gizmo

OMG, my inner childhood Gremlins fan is rejoycing here. Don't let Gizmo get caught by the mean and nasty gremlin. Ha, ha. I love this picture.

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11. One-Eyed Monster

Instagram | @grz1985

What is it with people and one-eyed monsters? Right? Everybody seems to love them. I have to admit I'm digging this one too. He, he.

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13. Godzilla!

Reddit | ottovanpelt

I'm starting to find a pattern here. Seems like people love adding monsters into an otherwise boring and typical vintage-style paintings. Makes perfect sense to me.

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12. Dia De Los Muertos Repaint

Instagram | @enchantedbeautyfxartistry

Wow this typical wedding picture frame was definitely taken up a notch with such a cool skeleton remake. I'm in love with this now.

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This is such a fun idea. I honestly never thought of doing this but now that I have seen it I totally dig this.

Giphy | Beeld en Geluid Labs

Time to sharpen those painting skills.

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