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16+ Amazing Photos That Need A Second To Sink In

Sometimes, we can find ourselves coming across something perfectly normal, but it's presented to us in such a way that our brain panics for a second.

For instance, when a group of friends is goofing off and giving each other piggy back rides, it's surprisingly easy to lose track of how many legs are involved in the whole proceeding and they can start to look like one big human pretzel if they're close together.

And although our brains can eventually force us to unsee what we think is going on, some pictures are accidentally mind-boggling enough that it needs a little help.

I know how this looks, but you're going to have to trust that this isn't a tree.

Reddit | KrispinKush

Yes, that definitely looks like bark and there are trees with white trunks, but this is actually a rusted out bus stop sign.

The bark look is a pure coincidence.

This man is doing a lot more than just admiring this fine craftsmanship with his magnifying glass.

Reddit | thottynoid

Indeed, he's the craftsman and the magnifying glass is actually the tool he's using. That's right, he made this entire design just by carefully burning the tabletop with the sun like it's covered with ants.

If you're guessing that this place is going through a really windy day, I'm afraid you're only half-right.

Reddit | So_wize

Instead, these trees are going through a very windy existence because the constant sea breeze is affecting the direction they're growing in.

I don't imagine anyone thinks this man is actually wearing a cactus, but he's not being Photoshopped either.

Reddit | deeeeekun

Instead, this groom has managed to position himself so perfectly behind this cactus that he seems to be a part of it.

It can be tricky to understand what this woman is doing without a close look, but the answer is that she's breaking a record.

Reddit | geogabs

That's because she somehow managed to collect 887 four-leaf clovers in eight hours, which marks the fastest time anyone had brought that many together without growing them themselves.

This isn't just some giant heart this museum installed as some kind of Fantastic Voyage exhibit.

Reddit | farrukhsshah

What this kid is really crawling inside is a scale model of how large a blue whale's heart actually is.

In case this doesn't fully express how large it is, it's about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.

This tree isn't suffering from a disease, but it's definitely not in an enviable position.

Reddit | fofizzleshizzle

That's because another tree is actually growing through it right here.

And based on how much bark that journey into its buddy cost it, that probably wasn't any more pleasant for the invading tree.

It's a lot easier to remind ourselves that this is just a flat floor when we don't have to experience it in person.

Reddit | MaceWindowsVista

I'm not sure what is says about you if you can comfortably walk on it, but the rest of us carefully inching our ways across it like it's made of ice congratulate you.

Although anybody besides the Wet Bandits could tell these people aren't really here, they're still a little surprising.

Reddit | Kungfoohippy

In fact, what's surprising about them is how little they are. The uploader just assembled this rag-tag crew from a bunch of advertisements they got in the mail over time.

Sadly, this man isn't juggling his awards right now.

Reddit | appleraju

As the caption might suggest, there's actually another person behind him holding two of these trophies.

Hopefully, that person's just camera shy because otherwise, this guy isn't really following his own message.

The longer you look at this, the clearer it is that it was taken from the sky. But what place is this colorful?

Reddit | Mono_420

The answer, as it turns out, is the Netherlands during tulip season because each colorful block is an entire, massive field of them.

Sadly, this isn't some UFO curiously watching us to see if we're serious about storming Area 51.

Reddit | insufficientfailure

Instead, this is a smoke ring that resulted from lightning hitting a power transformer. While that's probably not fun for the local residents, it is cool to see that this ring is even possible.

You may be wondering what this lady on TV had to be saying to amaze this kid so much.

Reddit | piefordays

In reality, what she was saying didn't matter anywhere near as much as the fact that he could see her saying it.

That's because this was taken in 1948 and marked the first time this boy had ever seen a television.

Sometimes, matching the decor can make you the star of some pretty trippy images.

Reddit | ahoysexy

Indeed, this young fan hasn't discovered that her idol has enough Herculean strength to lift her up with one arm, nor has she sacrificed her legs for the power of levitation.

She's just wearing pants that blend in with the table behind her.

It's hard to get over the uncanny resemblance this hole in the ice has to an eye.

Reddit | dottyparker

It's almost enough to make some of us throw a big rock next to it just so this pond will stop staring at us.

Antoine Hoang probably knows exactly what he's doing here, but the perspective makes it look like he's in serious trouble.

Reddit | kloosterkoek

His body may not even be in a particularly awkward position, but he looks like he's about to fall into a split or just crumple in a heap on the court.

It can definitely take a second to figure out where one dog ends and the other begins here.

Reddit | hardt_sulfur

To make it a little easier, their bodies are independent of each other. One just has it so half of its face is the same color as its buddy's fur.

Note the smaller dog's eyes next to its larger friend's ear.

This is one case where our eyes aren't deceiving us, but it almost feels like they should be.

Reddit | FunnyAfro

There aren't any perspective tricks going on here or anything. This ant legitimately managed to pick up a bee that's clearly so much larger than it.

Ant strength is no joke, people.

Believe it or not, this person is actually holding something.

Reddit | DanRossiDraws

This is reflection-free glass and while it isn't completely invisible, that slight strip to the right of his hand is one of the only giveaways here.

The other concerns the fact that his fingers are pressed against something.

Anyone with trypophobia is advised to scroll past this one, but what's happening here is kind of nice even if it looks unsettling.

Reddit | indiaviews

What's going on here is that this Common Suriname Toad is feeling her babies grow up and finally emerge from the pockets in her skin.

They were embedded in there as eggs so they could be protected while they were still tadpoles.