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People Are Livid Over Drake's New Beatles Tattoo

Drake is a polarizing feature in the music world — either you love him or you hate him, and sometimes it might feel like he's trying to push you towards option number two. Beatles fans are definitely feeling that push with the unveiling of his new tattoo.

You might remember, in his song 'Going Bad', Drake rapped about breaking a record held by The Beatles.

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He's broken a few, including holding the most charted songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 — he holds 35 songs, where The Beatles hold 34.

The one he rapped about was breaking The Beatles' record of 12 hit singles in a year.

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The bars Drake dropped over this record was, admittedly, pretty funny. "Back home, smokin' legal, I got more slaps than the Beatles," referencing both the record breaking achievement and the legalization of marijuana in Canada.

Drake's taken that sentiment a step further in his new tattoo.

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Drake showed off a hint of the ink in this Instagram post, but some eagle-eyed fans zoomed in to find that it shows off the famous Abbey Road album cover pose of the four Beatles crossing the road, with what looks like Drake himself standing in front of them, holding up a hand.

Here's the close up.

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Drake isn't exactly being humble, and fans of The Beatles aren't very pleased with his bragging. One twitter user wrote, "The Beatles did what they did in 7 years (drake has been in the game 11 years) with no social media advertising and STILL have a lasting impact on the music industry 56 years later... let’s see what drake is in 56 years. But despite that, this is so cocky and childish."