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These Street Murals Change Into New Art When You Wear 3D Glasses

It's always a nice addition to city streets when municipalities allow commissioned street murals by local artists. Not only are they pretty and fun to look at, creating an outdoor art gallery of sorts, but they also bring positive exposure to artists.

One artist is really bringing some interactivity to their street murals with double exposure murals that change when you wear 3D glasses.

An artist who goes by Insane51 based out of Athens, Greece, creates the coolest 3D murals.

They create giant double exposure murals on the sides of buildings that change when you wear 3D glasses.

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On the blue side of the glasses, one part of the painting is revealed.

Instagram | @insane51

I really don't know how they do this! It's incredible.

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On the other side, a whole different perspective of the painting is revealed.

Instagram | @insane51

So really, you're getting three different viewing experiences in one place.

That's pretty neat.

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Check out what it looks like when it's switched in the video below!

It might be time to start carrying around a pair of red and blue 3D glasses! You never know when you might stumble upon one of these cool interactive murals.

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