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This Eco-Friendly Apartment Complex Made With 150 Trees Is Basically An Adult Treehouse

While I never had my own treehouse, it was definitely a childhood dream to have one. On television, they always looked like the coolest escape from home, even if they were just in the backyard. And if you were lucky enough, your angel parents might have built you one of your own.

Now, living in a real treehouse is possible. But, you have to go to Turin, Italy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Built by Italian architect Luciano Pia in Turin, Italy, this apartment complex is a literal urban treehouse.

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Called 25 Verde, or 25 Green, the eco-friendly complex is adorned with a whopping 150 live trees.

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The project took 5 years to complete, starting in 2007 and ending in 2012.

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You can definitely see why — it's absolutely stunning!

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The 150 trees completely cover the complex's terraces, with the intention to produce more oxygen, cut down pollution, reduce noise, and create its own climate within the building's structure itself.

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The trees also help with insulation, sun protection, and temperature control.

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There are a total of 63 units in the building and are all unique in terms of their size and shape.

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The greenery is unique too, with big vases, gardens, green walls, and roof gardens all adorning the building. They even change with the seasons!

I would love to see more of these buildings on our neck of the woods!

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