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You Can Visit A Crooked Tree Forest That Looks Like It's Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

There are many mysteries of nature. From crop circles, to UFOs, to the supposed Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot sightings, there are a lot of unexplained folk tales that go with these mysterious sights.

There's a mysterious collection of trees in Poland called the Crooked Forest that has been captivating visitors and tourists for years, and it looks like it's out of a real life fairy tale.

These crazy curved trees hail from The Crooked Forest, or Krzywy Las, in Poland.

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More specifically, the forest is located near the western border in the Gryfino Forest in Nowe Czarnowo, which is south of Szczecin.

Basically, it borders Germany.

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This forest is such a mystery — no one really knows why the trees curve like this.

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There are many notable rumors, one being that there are around 400 of these trees, yet there are actually only about 80.

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One plausible reason how the trees got their curved bases is that someone may have cut the shoot, bent the attached portion, which would cause the rest of the shoot to grow in a curve.

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Imagine doing that to 80 trees!

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Whatever the cause, it's definitely a beautiful site to see, and a great place to take some Instagrammable photos.

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These trees definitely make for great natural hammocks!

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